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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
the oldcomer.
Sunday, August 9, 2009, 10:59 PM
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So i've officially shifted to blogspot.
Previously a xanga user. Click to view my xanga site.
Been wanting to do so for a long time and I must say *being the perfectionist that I am*
it took me quite a while to choose a pleasant backdrop.
Anyway, I hope you guys like it and do drop me a comment or two :)

My 21st birthday celebration:

Started off pretty early.
A supposedly romantic date turned out to be a big surprise!

They made my day :) Thank all of you for coming.

"Where the party at?"
that was Jayne's question.


Off we went to MOS to party all night long.
It was one helluva night. Sweet.

You know how they assume that the birthday girl should get tipsy by the end of the night.

The funniest part was everyone of us were tipsy and funny.
We were just..nice.

The fellas:
Philip, Ezra, Ali and Shaz :)

Marcus forcing me to down.

Let me tell you how we left the place.

Because we took almost half an hour to pay a parking ticket.
Funny. Everyone in the car was trying to get their point across.

Shantee (in the passenger seat): Let's take picture, picture, picture..
Me (the blog mistress): Let me see, let me seeee.
Shaz (who ended up paying the parking ticket): Why don't you wait and let me do it.
Ezra(sitting beside me): GIGGLING away.

You don't wanna see the after-pictures.

and that was how it ended.
All that happened the night before my twenty-first.

The party carried on at Redbox the next day.
But before that, another mini celebration at home.

Bagus and i comparing our hair length hehee.
One of the longest hours spent in Redbox, 6 hours?!

My favourite, look at their expression.

Song of the night: Total Eclipse of the Heart- Bonnie Tyler

It's an awesome choice, go try it.

More pictures to upload on PD trip :)
Before that, check out our Talent Night preview poster.
Another upcoming event by MUSA.

Ciao peeps! :)


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