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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
oh happy day.
Thursday, September 3, 2009, 7:03 PM
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Weet! Here I am typing away again. Sorry for the lack of updates :)

Alas, I'm over and done with the Monash Talent Night. Phew.
I'm glad that it all went well, congrats to all winners!
Finally found some time to camwhore.

Just kidding.
Some pre-event pictures:

Trophy shopping

Testing out the cherry lights decoration at home

Haha. I especially like this picture coz he looks like a teenager again wearing his high sch tee.

Goodie bags


Our hard work paid off. Decorations were gorgeous thanks to all committees.

I wanted the auditorium to look and feel different, the cherry lights were perfect :)

I opted for red and white for our theme colour for a circus-y feel.

plus some stars for a starry night.

The background reads "Where Dreams Come Alive"
and I hope all were satisfied with the outcome.

Lucky Draw sponsored by Guess and Mentholatum

Special thanks to both Elaine and Shazwan for doing a great job.
Also, for dressing up ;)


This guy really made my day. Special thanks to Philip for his never ending support.

and to all committees for their effort.

Spot John's arms..their extremely longgg.


Assignments are pouring in since mid sem is nearing *sighs*

I've got tons of pictures to upload from the past month.
Here we go!


Happy Saturday.

We satisfied our cravings for some meatballs.

Laughing festival at the curve

You'd be surprised.
That was my first time in our womens' room.

Digicolor Model Search


Home sweet home :)

With mummy dearest

and how can I forget dad :)

and the FOOD back home.

It was dad's 50th birthday last weekend.

Happy Birthday, Pa.

and wherever there's dad, there's booze.

so we headed to the latest La Primeur at mount austin :)


Hindus celebrated the birthday of the elephant God, Lord Ganesh,
also known as the God of prosperity, prudence and success on the 23rd which happens to be dad's birthday.

So we joined the celebration at a nearby temple.

It was a great experience, walking barefooted on the tarred road.

But let me share something with you.

Conversation before we arrived the temple.

Dad: "Darling, can you get two bottles of milk"
Me: "But we have some at home, i don't drink so much"
Dad: "It's for the celebration"
Me: Oh.

At the petrol station.

Dad: "Did you get them?"
Me: "Yea, i got two. One full cream and one low fat"
Dad: "Why?"
Me: "In case they don't consume full cream (coz it's more fattening) , tell them there's low fat"

*dad chuckles*

I wonder how many of packets/bottles they used that day.

and so the milk came pouring down.

I was sticky all over, covered in milk because according to tradition, one gets good luck if you pray on the rock that resembles an elephant.

When curiousity hits.


You know what's best during Ramadhan month?

it's the food hunting :D

Ayam percik, beef satays, briani rice, caramel, sugarcane, murtabak, noodles, ikan bakar, keropok lekor, and more.



Yesterday was a special day.
We celebrated S(h)az's birthday with the rest of them wacky people.

Cappuccino cheesecake

more pictures yet to be uploaded.

Finally, i've been waiting to catch Orphan and it's always sold out.

Awesome movie, satisfaction guaranteed.
Nothing too gory :)

You know what's even better?

I'm gonna catch Final Destination: Rest in pieces tonight!!


More updates soon :)


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