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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
circumsizing tee-shirts
Saturday, October 31, 2009, 12:49 AM
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And so I mentioned shirt cutting in my earlier post, here it is: my first attempt at ravaging clothes..
*evil grins* hehehe

First try: Before

Step-by-step guide (inspired by Youtube videos)

1. Items: Strong pair of scissors, pen/marker, ruler
2. Fold t-shirt, align the sides
3. Draw as many horizontal lines (preferably 1inch) you prefer
4. Cut about 3/4 or shorter (according to your preference/design)
5. It should look like this after cutting
6. Pull each strand so it won't look big and chunky


The one on the right looks weird coz it was loosely tied (as an example).

On to my second piece:

Only worn this shirt for merely a week so I figured it's time I do something with it :D

1. Trim the collar accordingly. I made it wider for an off shoulder effect.
2. Draw a middle point, then draw horizontal lines (i used 1.5inches)
3. Cut middle line then both left and right separately. It should look like this after cutting.
4. Lastly, tie knots accordingly. Loose knots are better so you can re-tie it according to your preference.

* I trimmed the sleeves to give it a flowy effect.  Simply slit through the middle point of one of the sleeves.

* You can choose to cut all the way up to the colar for a wilder look.
Remember to cut every end of the knots. It should look better after cutting.

Pardon me if it looks weird coz it's my first time trying..but hell yeah it was fun! :)
*now i'm down with a flu with all the dust (shows how long i haven't worn this shirt)*

Anyway, remember to keep the collar after cutting it. Why??

Because you can turn it into something useful!
Collar before cutting
After trimming the sides:
You can use it as a rubber band OR even better as a HEAD/HAIR BAND :)

That's it for now, it took me only roughly 30mins or less for both tops.
So imagine the things you can do to your old clothing in your free time?!


Happy Halloween guys!

Some are probably out dancing the night away, studying their brains out, or singing their lungs out.
But here I am..in the comfort of my room religiously updating every now and then (BLUEK:p)

I kid, i kid.

Anyway, have a great Halloween people!
Here's something that I did for me loves ehehehhe


Dear John,
I don't know how you do it but you are the most heartless person i've ever met.
You killed a cat, and instead of mourning, you enjoyed it!
You two-faced killer!!!

Running away (EXIT=KELUAR) isn't the only way out after killing.

Ehehehe i know, lame. But i had to think of a story line :P

Happy Halloween, John. SURPRISE!!!

This is for you, Shaz. 
I know YOU secretly want to become a vampire after watching so many episodes of TRUEBLOOD.

Another cat-killer.
But I adore your fangs though.
We should share our HUMAN the next time you need to feed on something.


Happy Halloween, people! :))
Good night.

P.s. Don't forget to drop by Baskin Robbins to enjoy 31% off!


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