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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
r for r a n d o m
Friday, October 9, 2009, 1:11 AM
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Howdie do.

It's been a stressful week, full of assignments but i'm almost done.
Wish me luck, so I can start applying for graduation and attend the convocation in march next year :D

As mentioned in the title, here's

Random statement #1
R for Rachel. Do you know what Rachel means?  Rachel means little lamb.
Yes, the one that goes meh-meh. Well to be precise it's an ewe (female sheep).
IRONICALLY, i'm attracted to toys in the form of a sheep.

That was c r a p. I kid.
Some pictures from past weeks:

Random one night stay at Genting with the gals:

The weather up there was surprisingly colddd and misty.

The view from the windscreen. At one point, we couldn't see anything upfront.
Anyway, we arrived and waited for almost 3hours to check in. My patience level grew after that day.
Day One: We explored the place like we've never been before (cheh)

My first trip to the casino. I swear I would've shoved my ID at the guards face if he just looked at me once more.
Unfortunately, we being good citizens didn't camwhore in the casino. So no photos folks.
We were just taking a stroll when we met some familiar faces.
The next thing I knew, we headed to Safari to keep ourselves warm :)

The only picture that boleh pakai.
Day Two: Off to the theme park early in the morning.
Despite having flu, I felt that we shouldn't miss the fun rides.

 I believe for many of us, this one has to always be the first ride of the day (nearest to the entrance mah)

Spot Jayne looking away.
"I don't have make up on, noo."
See what thick layers of foundation does to you: make you paranoid.

Jayne took both pictures,

because she was jealous of our arses
and this

because she simply wanted me to look ugly.

Hehehe just kidding.

Random statement #2
I have a collection of paper bags from everywhere.
Blue, red, yellow,brown, green, black, white. You name it, I got it.
Random statement #3
It's always good to mind your own business.
I can't stand nosy people. Also those who pretend to care about you as though they were your friend. But the fact is some of them are nothing more than just plain two headed snakes who go around talking behind your back.
Random statement #4
My excuse for wanting a motorbike license: in case of EMERGENCY!

 Look what arrived the other day:

My first online bag purchase :)

I ordered three but unfortunately they went out of stock.
But this one is good.

Met up with doinky doink Alvin, who came back for a week.

Random statement #5
I'm a doink because I have what they call doinky traits.
Apparently there are other/deeper meanings for this word I always use:
1.To playfully steal
"He left his jacket with me, so I doinked it!"

2. To have sex
"I doinked her!"OR
" Do you wanna doink me?"

*It's just funny, don't you think? Now comes a funnier one*
Doink may also mean:

3. To penalize
"The criminal was doinked for more than RM50 000"
(extracted from the Online Slang Dictionary)

 Haih, the wonders of English language ;)

Chic pop at Zouk turned out to be s w e e t :)
Bought a top and a high waisted acid washed denim.

But what caught my eyes was the CHOCOLATE shop located at the tourism centre.

Cocoa Boutique right smack beside Zouk.
Of course we had to try the awesome mouth watering dessert.

My all time favourite :)

and finally before i get some shut eye,

Here's my random attempt to make the NO BAKE CHEESECAKE!

My first try: The no bake cheesecake requires only the refrigerator. It's extremely easy to make.

I opted for the digestive biscuit so it's easier to crush. No machines, ovens or other baking utensils.
Simply just my fingers and some tissue papers.

and off it goes into the fridge!
Let's hope it'll turn out f-i-n-e  :)

Good night peeps!




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