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Rachel Kristen
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For Miss Petite
Thursday, November 19, 2009, 9:02 PM
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Who says you have to be slim and tall to become a top model?

 You know how out of touch I am with the series and television.
So I was browsing through and I read this article on Los Angeles Times:

"For its 13th cycle, America's Next Top Model has now put a height MAXIMUM on its contestants: a whopping 5 feet, 7 inches" (LA Times, 2009).

Finally some hope for the petites.
You know how sometimes you ask yourself if being TALL is the only criteria to become a model?
and that looks only come in second. I know, many argue that there's no point hiring petite models if they try to make them 'appear' taller all the time. But I honestly think otherwise.
(hey, at least i'm not denying the fact that i ain't tall)

I see plenty of not-so-good-looking top models and sometimes can't help but to question why. And if clothes i.e fashion wears are modeled by tall people (which goes to show how perfect they'll fit the tall) then why are they shipped all the way to a country full of petite girls. How do they expect girls to fit into their clothing perfectly.

But there goes my hope for a change, when I saw this:

"For cycle 14, there is a new requirement: no shorties!" More like "at least 5'7" to sugarcoat.

You win la. Damn you bloody long beans.


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