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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
the baba and nyonya place
Monday, December 14, 2009, 7:53 PM
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Lost counts of how many times I've been to this historical city, but this place, full of antiques and heritage always have something to offer:

Love the antique, old, and rusty buildings and furniture. 
We stayed at The Baba House right smack in Jonker Street.

The rooms are comfy and clean at a reasonable price and because I stayed here the last time I visited Malacca with my cousins, i highly recommend this place.
 They refurbished the hotel so it looks almost brand new. Breakfast is served every morning at The Baba Cafe.

The location of The Baba House is purrfect. Simply park your car at the guests parking (behind the hotel) and you're free to roam the streets. Enjoy walking all over Jonker street and you're only 10minutes walk away from the muzium and the oh-so-yummy chicken rice ball shop!

Day One: We arrived just in time for some mouth watering dessert at the Jonker Dessert place.

My favourite!! Gula Melaka chendol!!
"I think you can live on ONLY dessert" (quote quote)

We went on to shop and snap more pictures. Honestly, I think we ate more than anything else.
Pardon the gluttons :) Bought more sugary delights: dodol and sunflower pineapple tarts.

How can I forget! Met up with our tour guide, Ezra for seafood at night.


What's new besides seafood, buildings and jonker street? It's The Jetty!!

That's Chuckles waving Hello! Err humm.
Anyway, here's The Jetty, a place filled with tons of exciting youthful activities. Satay Celup, cafes/bistros, karaoke, pool/snooker place, bars to chill, clubs to party, and a grrreat night view of Malacca.

You know what's even better? It's located right next to the Straits of Malacca.

The sea water's soo green, you can see fishes swimming even at night under the spotlight!

And best of all, they provide the Buggy service for us lazybums to explore the whole jetty.

Would love to show you guys the night view but pictures are a little blur.

Simply breath taking, you can see the Eye of Malaysia from The Jetty.

Day Two: More walking and eating! We visited the muziums (yes, including the famous red coloured building), churches, and more muziums. They have more than 14 muziums, literally buildings and not sections.

And we explored further on a RM15 trishaw ride :)

Here's our first Prime Minister's old ride: a white sporty Chevrolet

So chun, right?

We were high up at Bandar Hilir when I spotted this cute little girl. Took many shots of her like a paparazzi.

So cute! Anyway, after so much of walking.. guess where we headed?

LUNCH of course. FOOD! (with popping eyes)

My all time favourite: CHICKEN RICE BALLS! *slurps*

I'm hungry just looking at the pictures.

After lunch, we took a slow walk back to the baba house before exploring the new Melaka MEGAMALL: Dataran Pahlawan.

We karaoke-d at Dream Box before visiting the Portugese Settlement! We had so much fun that I forgot to take any pictures. No, thank you.

Oh wait! We had NYONYA FOOD at Nancy's Kitchen before that.
Tea time nyaahahaha :D

Love how everything is accompanied with either belacan or chincalok.

At night, we found our way to the not-so-far Portugese Settlement for a sumptous dinner!

They have plenty of stalls, all numbered from 1 til godknows what (can't remember).
But I hate it when the stall owners fight over customers, they become so pushy.


See my tired face? Waited for almost 45 minutes (or an hour, Dory fish memory) but anyway, when dinner was served,

we ate like nobody's business hehehe look at the gluttons in action:


The chilli crabs were AMAZING!! *stomach rumbling*
Conclusion: It was worth the wait. Ohya, we ordered from stall number 4.

Dinner was great, but the view from a high tower was greater.

Menara Taming Sari (or the Taming Sari tower, whatever you call it) at RM10 per person.
They rent out binoculars for RM 5.

A slower version of the Genting Space Shot.

Our stuffed faces (after a yummilicious dinner)
Off we went, so high up up into the sky (sounds like another song lyrics)

Wish I could share the gorgeous view from 30 ft above, but this is the best shot I got from the spinning sphere.

I weighed myself when we got back. ARROW WENT HIGH UP TOO!
All for the love of FOOD.

Will update soon, good night, world! :)


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