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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
love is in the air
Monday, December 21, 2009, 2:13 AM
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I know it's the jolly festive season-time of the year again.
But no doubt, love is in the air. No, you won't be hearing news of me getting married, yet.

I just felt like I had to post this up after reading XiaXue's (click to read) entry on The Proposal.
I thought it was so sweet of her to reveal her entire relationship story on the web. So touching. I know some people think it's not worth reading what she writes but I like how she's so blatantly honest about almost everything. Really happy for her, it's weird coz i can almost feel her happiness and get all fuzzy when i read it (but which girl doesn't dream of the 'perfect' wedding dress and walking down the aisle with the man she loves) i would be lying if i said no.


Now click HERE to watch the proposal video (CLEAR PRODUCTION VIDEO). Damn touching. 
Or watch Cheesie's video below.

Sweet, right?

I don't know why but every time i see/watch a proposal and attend weddings i get all emotional. Sighs. They need a cure for me hehee :)


*Wedding bells ringing*

It was a perfect wedding and matrimony celebration, a little man made aisle on the green porch of their own home.

Congratulations Kong and Lina!


Gorgeous people :)

We got up earlier that morning and headed over to Glenmarie. The clock showed 9.25am (shucks, we're late! the ceremony starts at 9.30!!)

But turns out, Malaysian timing :P

The mass started around 10ish and we were singing to hymns, one of my favourites: All in All :)

All of us religiously singing or more like trying to sing the songs we haven't heard before.

Flower girls all dolled up and all of us anxiously waiting for the bride's arrival.

*cars honking and honking nonstop*

The Wedding Car:

I would love mine to have the Just Married plate (yes yes, so corny) :P

Here comes the bride:

and Freeloaders Inc.

Our group picture..

Lunch was served after the ceremony and then the 'flower throwing/catching ceremony'..

and guess which lucky girl caught the bouquet?


it was litlle miss ME! ehehehehe
*uh OH*

haha anyway, we left shortly after coz i had to rush to meet ShuWei from DGColor..
 And so we traveled back and forth, Sunway, Glenmarie, Times Square, Sungei Wang, back to Sunway, and then to the Palace of the Golden Horses at the Mines.

Fast forward 5 hours

We arrived for sound check, the Freeloaders Inc aka wedding singers alongside two beautiful ladies (urr hum, Stephanie and me ehehehe) serenaded the crowd with a number of songs (Use Somebody, LOVE, Crusin', When you say nothing at all, an original song called Tiga Versi, and many more)

Emcees of the night..

The Grand ballroom:

and i'll leave you with the many pictures we (drunkards hehe just kidding!) took that night due to unforeseen circumstances hehehe

To the object of my affection, your timing is forever 'perfect' la (typing while talking on the phone)
Please spare this fairytale of mine, don't tell me that all these happiness (put together) is the last thing i should be thinking about because i want to be given this chance, this shot at happiness.

It's 2.05 am now, enjoy the pictures!

oh happy day!

Good night! :)


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