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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
According to me.
Tuesday, January 19, 2010, 11:44 PM
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I'm sure we've all had a bee-zy three-weeks-into-the-not-so-new-year.

As some of you (facebook stalkers) already know, kiddin! i'm officially starting work on the 1st of Feb.
Really looking forward to experiencing my new job, though I really miss the oh-so-great uni experience in Monash.

Anyway, what have I been up to besides traveling to and fro?

I just transfered some almost expired photos from my phone, so here they are:

Food rampage with mi familia and friends :)

Johor "cathay" Laksa

Beef noodles, in my case, bee hoon (MUST HAVE!)

All time favourite Char Kuey Tiao (not just your regular char kuey tiao, they serve it with awesome sambal belacan that makes you go gaga and wanting more!)

Also, the Spoa place (never fail to travel 30miles just for yummilicious seafood!) not forgetting all that bumpy roads.

Apparently it is so good that it is highly recommended by celebrities.
Notice Adrian Pang and Michelle in the signboard.

Located near the Orang Asli's settlement in Johor. You can see Pulau Ubin (Spore) from there.

Of course, back to the main topic, tons of seafood choices: 'lala', cockles, escargots, prawns, oysters, what ever you can imagine.


 Butter prawns, chili crabs, super huge cockles, and fried rice with anchovies. I'm hungry just looking at these pictures.

Sausage fest at home.

No, not 'that' kind of sausage fest, my friends (ish!)

But i gotta admit, it was tough washing them coz they were HUGE ehehehe

It was one of the weekends that I decided to cook a meal for mum and dad.

The end result:

Tons of sausages on my plate


Moving on, 

Day out with my muffins :)

Okay, before that I was back in KL for a week, wait..before that i worked out like a bitch knowing i'm gonna be away for a week, went car hunting (did i mention my new found love car? ehehehe and came back just in time for Jun's bbq.

 More sausages..

Imma steal them pictures from Facebook (thank you, Enci! :D)
Sorry, my camera's up in sun-to-the-way but already thinking of getting the new Canon G11!!

With the birthday boy, Happy Birthday Jun!

The fellas..

and the ladies...

and two cutey pies:

another two cute, funny fellas (Joanna and Tong!)

My outfit was casual that day: a flowy skirt and a yellow spaghetti top.

And finally, Day out with my Muffins! :)

It's been so long since i've seen them all and sure I missed them! The bunch full of wacky people! :)
 Photos are unedited as usual, I like them clear and real.

So first up, we met up for badminton at noon and it was bloody hot! No pictures of us making a fool of ourselves ehehehe 

then guess what?

Monopoly time!!

 No, the Monopoly we played was shit-tough. I prefered the normal, down to earth (or call it old fashioned) one! But anyways..

We had to learn all over again! 
 Almost everything had to be controlled by THIS:

No, we do not like our monopoly controlled.
Hehehe batteries were dead anyway! So we played old school (meaning rolling dices to determine how many houses/industrial buildings you can buy, wait, i'll come to that in a bit)

So you see them tall buildings, black and red lego lookalikes?
Apparently, when you buy a property, you can start by either building industrial buildings (blue coloured ones whereby won't be threatened by hazardous buildings-black ones) or residential houses (beige in colour).

This version no longer have the stations where you pay x2/3/4 amount of rent. Instead, you either plant a free HAZARD or a BONUS BUILDING (red ones). 'Bonus buildings' include the school, park, etc while an example of a hazard would be a RUBBISH DUMP.

 You can buy a maximum of 8 houses and fill your property (in the board) with bonus buildings etc.
Oh, and no more "Community Chest", only Chance (impressive chance card: you are entitled to steal a player's property-so that means even the richest/biggest MAYFAIR (as we know it-forgotten what it's called in this newer version)

So anyway, get the gist of it?
Why do I bother explaining anyway haha but it was fun (and annoying) nonetheless, coz we had to refer to the manual like our personal bible.

But good thing, I felt like a kid again! :)

We moved on for Steamboat buffet @ RM 17.80 per person

Nice place (except for the random karaoke session towards the end) with wide variety of food.


Sorry, photos are a bit blurry :P

 That's about it for now, heading to bed in a bit.
Upcoming "highlight" of the week? Miss Tan (yes, that's me) giving a talk at a Seminar back in my pre-u college! God, help me!

Good night, peeps!


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