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Rachel Kristen
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Attention all POSERS here's your chance to win great prizes!
Wednesday, January 27, 2010, 10:38 PM
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Do you like looking at yourself in front of the mirror or posing for the camera?

Or sometimes flip through magazines and thought you could do a better job in that commercial?

Well, here's your big chance!

Broadwalk Modeling Academy is organizing The Posebook contest for you lovely ladies. There are several categories of poses for commercial products: basketball, mobile phones, can drinks, glittery heels, bags and accessories.

All you have to do is snap pictures of yourself (better get a friend to do it hehe) and send them to posebook@broadwalkmodeling.com 

Sample shots:

Be creative and heck, you can send in applications for all categories!
So hurry up and you may be the grand prize winner to walk away with fantastic prizes up to RM2000!


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