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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
my oh so chinese new year!
Friday, February 26, 2010, 12:16 PM
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Finally some time to sit my heavy butt down. My blog shall live! hehehe

It has somehow become a tradition for my family to go on a trip somewhere (depending on how loaded we feel at the point of booking) so once again we headed to wholesale shopping haven-Bangkok!

The city with heavy traffics and tuktuks as the king of the roads!

I'm just too plain lazy to edit any pictures, so here we go:

I'm not gonna sort it out by days because i don't remember what we did when and where.
I know, what a gold fish waste!


We arrived and stayed at Ramada in Pratunam.
Our room looks like this.

Just your regular hotel room but comfy!

Hit me baby with all that shopping!

My favourite place of all is still Platinum. They sell really really really great stuff!

I'll show you what i bought shortly.

Platinum- wholesale mall! 

The trick is to go there during the weekdays coz they can be damn bloody stuck up!
I know i know, if you're nice to people, they will be nice to you too.

That's not true! Well at least not for me.


Tuktuks or TOYOTA taxis? hehehe

We had our very own tuktuk driver, Ongat, really nice fella.


 As usual, we went to hot spots like Suan Lum Bazaar, Chatuchak and more night markets.

Love the stuff but not the people there.
We went for a half day tour to temples as well. 
This is the coffin temple.

How come no coffins, you ask? WAIT LAR.




Don't you think my dad looks like the laughing Buddha here?


Like father, like daughter! Except that i'm slimmer hehe kidding, Pa!

The coffins.


Sorry, a little blur coz i walked pass too quickly before I could snap
mum said, "Aiyo, don't take coffin la!" in a very pantang tone.

See those pink coloured papers pasted on the coffins?

That's when you make a donation to help buy a coffin for the poors.

I thought it was very sweet of them.

Then we went on to the temple with the tallest standing Buddha. 67 feet if not mistaken.

Just look at how tiny my dad looks hehe

What's a body without the feet?

Giant feet!

I think that by day two, we knew the place like the back of our hands.

Food was pretty pleasant too.

Phad thai, Tom yam, pineapple fried rice yada yada.

And thankfully the buffet at the hotel never failed me.

Me likey!

What's another highlight of our trip besides shopping?

It was CNY so I thought, maybe we should dine on a cruise! How romantic!

We spent new year's eve on the Chao Phraya river.

French and Thai buffet. Food wasn't that great but the ambiance was awesome.

Great experience for only RM150 per person inclusive of buffet, transportation and ticket.

The cruise was 3story high.

And at the highest level, there was a live band singing and people dancing.

The people there worship Lady Gaga like nuts.

But it was fun nonetheless!

Cool air, jolly people and a romantic ambience.
What more can I ask for besides..a date.


We headed to catch the Cabaret show on our last day in Bangkok.

Man, they have really round pair of boobs.

Back to shopping at Chatuchak. It's huge but I've finally got the routes correct.
Didn't get lost this time!

My favourite section, the pet shops!

Chow Chow.

I don't know how Shaz thinks its cute. Apart from the extra thick fur, it has blue coloured tongue!

I'm excited coz i'm gonna show you my buys.

Apart from spending on food, I got myself these:

Accessories. Damn cheap!

One pair
Two pairs
Three pairs of shoes
and flip flops

Also, got some party dresses

Bags, more dresses, and more accessories


Tanks, cardigans, bottoms..


Filled my luggage with all my new items
But thankfully we didn't exceed baggage limit.

Great time spent with mi familia :)
I can now stop shopping for the moment.



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