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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
turn left, turn right.
Friday, February 5, 2010, 10:50 AM
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Ok, I'm currently using a Sony Ericsson phone and it doesn't have an awesome camera. NO FLASH!

So I either get a phone with FANTASTICALLY AWESOME camera (of course must have flash), and that means Blackberry's OUT because the camera ain't its greatest function.
I'm a Sony Ericsson fan, so I refuse to be converted to NOKIA! or LG! (though their phones are mouth watering)


I can be miserably stuck with my OLD phone, and get a NEW CAMERA!!! (sounds like a great idea!) 

So i've been thinking, after reading reviews and doing my research.. i've narrowed it down to just two:


Okay, maybe not the Lumix GF1 since its a little too pricey for my miserly self.

Panasonic LX3


Or the beautiful Canon G11!!


So pretty, can die!
*scratches head*


PS. Okay, i know my site doesn't have a space for comments (but that's not my fault! blame blogskin  for their gorgeous looking skins) BUT that does not mean you can't drop me a HELLO on my chat box :D

I'm a little anal today, don't know why. Probably coz this morning i got farkin pissed with a Malay woman driver. Not to sound racist BUT she wore a tudung (looked so nice and good) but deep down underneath those pale coloured cloth she's EVIL!

The story:

I had to drive to work last minute today coz of the massive jam, couldn't wait for my colleague. All is purrfect about KL except for the jam! Absolutely hate it especially when it rains. Anyway back to my story.

I was almost already late for work (at least 30 minutes than my usual hour) and at this traffic light (IT WAS TURNING YELLOW) this GEN2 (ORANGE COLOURED SUMMORE) suddenly STOPPED in front of me. !@#!! I had to swerve to the left and then i looked at her. AND WHAT DID SHE DO? She wound down the window, uttered nonsense and waited for the light to turn GREEN. I sped off immediately and was initially ahead of her.
BUT THEN, she tried to OVERTAKE AND RACE ME!! kanasai!

Okay, enough ranting. Good day everyone!


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