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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
The housemate that steals.
Thursday, April 8, 2010, 5:24 PM
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Okay, here goes my story.

I came home after a long day of work and found that my door stopper went missing.

No, it doesn't look like this. No fancy pattern or prints.
Rather, it looks more like those you find at the 2 ringgit shop. Red in colour.

"It's only a door stopper" you say.

I know.

But what you don't know is how inconvenient it is without a door stopper. And how inconvenient it is when your hands are occupied and the entire unit is dark. That's when the door stopper comes in handy.

So I called my housemate, Zee.

Zee: "What door stopper?" *in the standing up for herself tone*

Tired and annoyed me: "You know, the red thing at the door that you use to stop the door" *like DUH*

and I continued,

"You know, it's ok. Just in case you might have misplaced it, just leave it at the door because I need to use it."

End of first conversation.

But you know, there comes a time when you just have to know what's happening.
It's like when your friend says,"I've got something to tell you"
you say, "What?"
and he says, "Nothing.."

It feels shitty like that.

And so i did something mischievous by going into her room. No, not breaking into her room but by using the master keys.

Door opens, and THERE IT WAS.


Fine, i thought to myself. 
"It's just a door stopper, leave it be"

But then at the corner of my eyes I saw it.
Like a knight in shining armour,calling for help.

 At first i thought, "Oh, she has something similar to mine!"

Then i searched for mine since it's been a while since I've worn it and I placed my shoes (those not worn often) into a box and left it at the living room.

Yes, women and shoes = inseparable.
Look see, look see. I don't see mine?

Then I went to get a closer look. You don't wanna touch someone else's dirty shoes. Plus, her socks still inside!

Size 5. "Hey, that's the exact same size of my sneakers"
And then I got suspicious. 

You know it's yours, if it's yours.

I was confused, I tweeted, I called. But no one could help me but myself, as in being physically there.
Not to mention, other things happened during the whole contemplating period.

So yesterday I came back home and finally had the courage to confront them. With some of their ah beng looking friends (they are Mauritians by the way).

The Confrontation

I thought so be it, mati then mati la. For a pair of sneakers, damn it.

Me: "Hey, can I talk to the both of you, like girls' heart to heart talk? In your room?" *bulu roma stands*

Well, my plan was to ask her if she saw my shoes and then confront her after seeing my shoes in her room.
But in order to do that, I had to first find my way into her room.

"Sure" *bitchy face*

Me: "You know, i'm wondering if you've seen my pair of sneakers. I need to use it and I can't find it."

"I've also been losing things in the house"

O-O if only i can tell you how their facial expressions were.


then I continued,

"heyy, isn't that my shoes? IS THAT MY SNEAKERS? IN YOUR ROOM?"

Of course Zee said NO.

but miss smarty pants had labeled it with my initial and a smiley. Looks like this: R :)

Fuck you bitches.

"Then can you explain why there's my initial on YOUR shoes?"

Why didn't I think of her answer.

She then said,
"Ohh, i must have accidentally misplaced it. And I took it thinking it's mine because I have the exact same one"

Fuck yourself, bitch.

1. I remember that I kept them in the box along with my pair of socks. But if the socks are still in the box, then how can my shoes be floating around without them.

2. When in doubt, ASK. Absolutely can't stand it when people ASSUME.


3. First she DENIED. And then she APOLOGIZED for accidentally assuming it's hers!


Anyway, I left the room soonafter. Couldn't take it any longer.
"I'm trying to compromise here and I hope we can all be honest staying in this house"

"Oh, and next time if you wanna borrow my shoes (GO FAR FAR AWAY FROM THEM), ASK me"

I might just consider. Heh.

Okay, enough letting off stim. 


Here are some pictures from Project Alpha's launch last night at the Curve.

  Bloggers, celebrities and nuffies were all dressed up for the event.

There was also a makeover booth by Rimmel. Spot Audrey doing her makeover :)
That's little miss Froggybroon and I camwhoring.

And Mira with tonnes of her fans all lining up to snap picture with her.

We so jealous :( hehehe

 Finally met XiaXue for the first time. She looks really cute in person.

And last but not least, thanks to fellow nuffies who worked so hard for this event.

OH The movie Kick-Ass was indeed a KICK ASS movie!

It's a must watch!! Super awesome, i never used to be a comic fan but the movie's extremely hilarious.

And a little bit violent too but FUNNY!!

Time to tickle that funny bone, alright kidding.

But go watch it, seriously funny.

Alright that's all folks, til the next update :)



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