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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Mark's Place @ Plaza Kelana Jaya
Saturday, April 17, 2010, 12:57 AM
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It's the weekend, what you up to?

Last Friday I brought along two lucky fellas with me to Mark's Place @ Plaza Kelana Jaya

Mark's Place is a traditional restaurant pub that serves fusion cuisine. What captures my fancy is the classy and intimate surroundings that I can enjoy with the company of my friends and loved ones.

It was my first time there and I already love the ambience.

Mark's Place has an array of cocktails and a great variety of food with western and Mexican flavors.

I was impressed because it's not everyday that we see a sushi bar in a bistro.

Yes, they serve Japanese food from sushi to tempura to California temaki! 
Have to admit, I got pretty excited, jakun.

Sushi chef at work:

Back with really huge chalk boards:

I'm a glutton and I love food, so how can I resist them yummilicious bites.

Plus, me likey Japanese food!

Oh, let me introduce:

Nicholas and David. My partners in crime.

By the way, it's Ladies Night every Friday at Mark's Place so I was prepared.

Prepared to eat lah, what else.

They serve really nice ladies cocktails from only RM 3. Murahnya.
I tried a couple of drinks and honestly, I love their Sake Margarita the most. Ohh la la.

  And did I mention that their Sake Margarita comes with double layer, for protection. Ahem.

The subtle taste of sake plus a shot of margarita with lime.


One of their specialty cocktails is the Mango Mojito, which is great to quench thirst.

Our first entrée: Salmon Cream Cheese and Bacon Sushi

I'm a Japanese food junkie, I love bacon and CHEESE!

So this dish is a perfect combo of these three put together. Mouth watering I tell you!

That was just starters, our second dish:

Mutton Curry Quesadilla

Mutton Curry Quesadilla- I guess by its name you already know how wonderful it tastes.

Crispy on the outside and spicy hot mutton curry on the inside. Irresistible.
One of my favourites:

Just when we thought that was the bomb, we saw this:

Mark's Place Mini Burger:

Not so mini, close up.

Every dish and recipes employed are precisely prepared by Mark Lingam, the owner of the bistro who perhaps would create a dish just for you if you ask.

Some of the dishes are really unique and you may not have heard of them before you visit Mark's Place.

Our next entrée: Grilled Chicken Chop

Pictures courtesy of The Malay Mail, photographer, Arif Kartono.

Grilled chicken chop served with fries to complete the meal. But that wasn't it, next came the California Hand Roll (better known as California temaki):

Before I move on to our last dish, just like to share some pictures we took last Friday:

Elya and I
See the stuffed look on my face?

David and I (taken earlier, way wayyy before the last dish)

Our stomachs were pretty much stuffed by the time the last dish came. Thank God the food portions are reasonable in size.

Fried Calamari to munch on while listening to the DJ mixing Retro music.

Well this wasn't exactly the last dish. We had another round of sushi and chicken on skewers soon after.

While I had a long island tea before I called it a night.

Oh by the way, Mark's Place has got pool table for you guys who love playing. Speaking for myself, that is hehehe
and for you guys who love watching live band performances, you can catch local bands perform Mondays-Thursdays, weeknight only.

Mark's Place is located on the 1st floor of Plaza Kelana Jaya. 

Click on the picture (below) to check out their site. 

I'm glad because I've found a new place to dine and chill without being claustrophobic. Heh.

So who's up for another round next Friday? ;)


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