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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Miss Independent: Kelly Clarkson came to town!
Friday, April 30, 2010, 2:10 PM
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Miss Independent: Kelly Clarkson came to town!

“This is the All I Ever Wanted Tour, TA DA!”
The exact words uttered by Kelly Clarkson when she first greeted her audience.
Everybody was talking about her. Kelly Clarkson LIVE at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium!
So how could I possibly miss out! Thanks to Hotlink, I was fortunate to be one of the few to MEET & GREET the first American Idol!

A few hours after I landed, we were on our way to Bukit Jalil.
“Fasterrrr! Late ady! I don’t want to miss her!”
I brought along Shaz, who surprisingly blew me away with his knowledge on Kelly Clarkson’s hits. Kekekeke.
My outfit for the day:
6.35 p.m.
There was a huge crowd camping outside the entrance when we arrived. Also booths from Sony Ericsson and Hotlink giving out goodies!

6.50 p.m. The Media booth where I collected my Meet and Greet pass!

7.00 p.m. Wowweee! Extremely excited because I was gonna meet America’s Sweetheart!
Before that, I met Zues at the entrance and he looked at me with the “I think I’ve seen you before” face.
Haha camwhored before they told us to keep our cameras
7.15 p.m. The lucky people meeting Kelly Clarkson before her performance
That’s Siew Wai (in white) :)
7.25 p.m. Finally, we were separated in groups and it was my turn! MY TURN! :D
The first thing I did was give her a warm BIG HUGGGG!
7.30p.m. It was worth the wait because Kelly is extremely friendly and huggable!
Though it felt like the longest minute ever, I can say I’ve hugged Kelly Clarkson!
Here’s the floor plan for the concert:

Lucky for us, we had the best of the best: The Rock Zone

After meeting Kelly Clarkson, I followed the ushers while trying hard to hide my camera
The security was so strict that cameras and what not had to be kept at the Lost & Found booth. WTF.
Felt a little guilty but who the hell prohibits cameras during a concert?!
What more, I had a mini camera with me (thanks to Yuen!) So bear with me, pictures are limited but all awesome okie!

I look at mine and then turn to look at Zues’ camera: ONE SUPER HUGE DSLR WITH LENSES AND TRIPOD! MUAHAHAHAHAHA
I kid. But he had to keep it in Lost & Found booth. Wtf.

The crowd inside the stadium was crazzeeyyyy!


The Rock Zone: The place I was squashed and feet filled with blisters after 3 hours:
This is me trying to snap a proper picture of the crowd:

Sorry a bit blur, because I had to “secretly” snap while hiding from the RELA guards who were strict as hell.
Only 5 minutes standing at the Rock Zone and I’m sweating pails!
Me: “Uncle, (points to my left) is that free seating?”
RELA guy: “NO. WHY?”
Me: -____- “nola, thought maybe I can downgrade to the RM 338 area”
Seriously, I still do not understand why people pay so much to stand and squeeze like sardines in a tin can when they can sit comfortably while enjoying a good show.

Guess who opened for Kelly Clarkson?
Our very own Jaclyn Victor (first Malaysian Idol) 
“Wow, can you believe it? She’s Malaysian!” *eyes and mouth wide open*
 Extremely proud of Jaclyn Victor who sang her hit song, "Gemilang" and a medley of other songs
and Suki (from One in a Million) who started off with the violin and then blew the crowd away with the song "Kelipan Cinta".
8.40 p.m.
After waiting for almost an hour, Kelly Clarkson blew us away with her first song, “All I Ever Wanted” and “Miss Independent”.

After listening to her sing live, no wonder she won American Idol. Absofuckinlutely awesome!
She’s down to earth and bubbly.
She also did a couple of covers, all great songs including Kings of Leon’s Use Somebody and Alanis Morissette’s That I Would Be Good.

I guess one common thing that most artists have to say about Malaysia is the weather. I don’t blame them.
At one point after her performance, she commented “It feels like some kind of gospel revival and the Lord is sweating out of me!”
Extremely funny.
One of my favourite tunes from that night was Lies by the Black Keys. She sang it acapella at first and blew us away with her strong vocals!
More pictures from the concert:

The bunch of girls that I was standing with went G A G A over her guitarists. You see why.
*f…….i………..r……………..e* :D
Photos courtesy of Sony Pictures
 They also performed two acoustic sets:
 One medley of her lesser known singles and another one to showcase her famous hit, Because of You- My all time favourite KARAOKE TUNE! Hehehe
 Because they had such strict prohibitions, photographs are really limited.
But you HAVE TO check out her cover of The White Stripes by Seven Nation Army!!

Really really awesome cover before she ended her show with one of her latest singles, My Life Would Suck Without You

 My Life would suck without you :)

  *bulu roma stands* 

 Oh oh! Before I end this entry, you should know by now that Kelly Clarkson celebrated her 28th birthday in KL the day before her concert.

You can read about it here  

We did a Happy Birthday FLASH MOB, where everybody in the stadium sang her a birthday song. 

“You guys are like, the best audience. I’ve never had audiences singing Happy Birthday to me.”

I guess, Malaysians really do try hard enough to make an impression after all ;) 

To all you Kelly Clarkson fans, I had a great time like all of you did, I’m sure! 
Here’s the song list of her performance on Sunday: 

1. All I Ever Wanted
2. Miss Independent
3. I Do Not Hook Up
4. Impossible
5. That I Would Be Good / Use Somebody (Alanis Morissette / Kings Of Leon cover)
6. Breakaway
7. If I Can’t Have You
- Can’t Get You Out Of My Head band jam – (Kylie Minogue cover)
8. Never Again
9. Lies (The Black Keys cover)
10. Tonight I Wanna Cry (Keith Urban cover)
11. Acoustic Medley (a mix of her lesser known singles)
12. Behind These Hazel Eyes
13. Cry
14. I Want You
15. Don’t Let Me Stop You
16. Because Of You
17. Maybe
18. Walkaway
19. Since U Been Gone
20. Already Gone
21. Seven Nation Army (The White Stripes cover)
22. My Life Would Suck Without You

By far, I think she’s one of the most successful Idols with most of her songs playing on the radio and hitting number one on charts! 

Watching her performing LIVE was a really good experience, thank you Hotlink! 

Once again, you made my day and night! :)

It's Friday night peeps, so let's ROCK!
Have a great weekend! :)


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