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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
rojak monday
Monday, April 5, 2010, 2:18 PM
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Hello! If you noticed, my entries are almost always filled with food. Be it pictures or words.
I couldn't think of what to call this entry and i thought of rojak. So there.
Food makes the world go round :)
How was your weekend?

Apart from lazing in bed, I managed to catch a couple of movies. Looking forward to a lot more movie screenings the next two weeks.

What did you do for April fool's? 

Oh and are you the fool or the teaser?
I remember back then in primary school, I was always teased by my fellow mates (there was 'minyak shell' for those who couldn't pronounce -CHEL, and pimple face- what's wrong with hitting puberty!?)

and that left a scar in my fragile little heart. True ok. I always shied away from the camera and only until my late teen years then I started having the courage again. Fuck you teasers.

It doesn't help when recently I found my Primary school teacher on Facebook-the oh-so-wonderful social networking site. He reminded me of the entire teasing. Here's how our conversation went.

Cikgu Badrul:
"long time no see...
study kat mana sekarang?"

Haha long time no see, I dah graduate dari Monash University. Working in KL now..How r u? Still teaching?

Cikgu Badrul:
im proud, bcos u are my student...
ckg still fine...
still teaching....
jerawat kat muka dah hilang ker? 


I have a bloody smooth jerawat-free skin now OKIE!

Anyway, back to April's fool. You can read about what we did to our new intern here (Timothy's blog).

But what he didn't tell you is the story of how HE got fooled.

We were cracking our heads over what to do since Tim is probably well prepared.
Both Michelle and I thought perhaps nothing too extreme like (playing porn on the loop, steal his MAC and change his screensaver, empty his desk area because of a fire drill or leakage etc)

We thought hmm maybe something work related.

We started off talking slightly louder than usual so as to get his attention. Knowing him, he'd ask and find out what's wrong.

Then we went into the glass room.
That's when all the drama started. For a good 45 minutes.

See, you need time and effort to work the best fool hehe
The Story:

Apparently there was a misunderstanding between a blogger and a direct client. And Michelle being the blogger manager stands up for the blogger while me for my client. Then the argument heated up when we started pointing fingers and squabbling.

But Tim, being the nice boss told us to calm down yada yada. And we had a tough time thinking of how and what to do to tick him off. Who knew, it came to a point when Tim said "Okayla, if I have to do it, I don't mind personally calling them up and settling this problem" 


Then Tim rushes off to grab the phone in a very stern voice. (Rina his PA terrified hehe)

Me and Michelle thought, Shit what now?
To tell you truth, it was pretty spontaneous.

While he was calling Blogger X, Michelle called his mobile.
Tim looks at Michelle: "Eh, why you calling me?"

Because it's APRIL'S FOOL, YOU FOOL! hehehehe

Tim looked stunned for a good long while, "Cibai *inserts foul languages*"
So there's no misunderstanding at all is it? (haha still can ask!)


A decent picture of Tim via Shaolintiger.com


Also, last week was John's birthday so I brought him to Sushi Tei for dinner.

We are both die hard fans of Sushi Zanmai so the food was alright only.

But the portion was huge though!

Our favourite is always the sashimi salad and unagi roll.

We pampered ourselves with some sake too.


Tourism Western Australia @Chulan Hotel

Absolutely lovely location, so romantic.
And the food is AWESOME!

Even Fresh also happy:

It was the prize giving ceremony to the best passenger:

Winners walked away with free tickets to Australia!

That's where I got my first Easter egg too!

Like seriously, my first Easter egg.

With Michelle, my partner in crime.

and here's one with NicGan

 The venue had a breathtaking view. So nice that we couldn't not snap a pic.

Okay, it's nicer than this for sure.


Also, met up with Ray Cheong and his manager Sham.

It was good to just chill and talk the night away.

Oh ya, also received the photos from a studio shoot I did back in jay to the bee.

Here's a preview,

It's the longest shoot ever, took me almost 12 hours from morning to night. But after seeing some of the results, I think it was all worth it.

Will upload it when I get them :)

Oh oh, before I'm done, to those of you who'd like to win some cash prizes and a vacation trip sponsored by Berjaya,

Check out 7 Elevens: Slurpee's Funniest Video for more info.

Simply make your own video and upload it to stand a chance to win RM 500 cash!
They are giving away weekly prizes too! Simple as that :)

ooh cash prize to make your day, why not?
Click on picture to find out more.

Alrighty, do stay tuned for more updates.

Happy Monday! :)


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