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Kaleidoscope: Monash Cultural Night 2010
Tuesday, May 4, 2010, 6:40 PM
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Kaleidoscope was the theme this year. 

Cultural Night has been one of my favourite events to attend. Also the first major event I attended in my first semester (barely even 19 yrs old) back in 2007.

Every year, students at Monash gather in the nicely decorated hall with the purpose of celebrating their very own unique culture -be they Africans, Australians, Malaysians, Japanese, Sri Lankans, Koreans or Mauritians. It's almost like a tradition you'll keep in mind even when you are no longer a student there.

One thing's for sure: Not only do they explore the colours, they explore different cultures too.
Other than that, this event organized by the International Student Services includes performances by students themselves and their trademark Fashion Show.  

Congratulations Sam, for the job well done!

About a month ago, yours truly received an invitation to become one of the judges on the night of the event. 

How to judge? What to do? What to say? HOW NOW! WHAT TO WEAR?!

A lot of things came to my mind but hell yeah,it was an honour to be part of the event.
Pauses and looks back at my old blog for pictures.

So here we go:

In 2009, I modeled in the Fashion Show wearing a saree:

Here's Sam and I :)

In 2010, 
my first time in the Nyonya Kebaya:

How? hehehe
Just realized both years also pink and black. But different style hokay :P

On Friday night, I rushed over to Sunway right after work. Knowing that I was gonna be late, stuck in a jam with a heavy downpour I got paranoid.
What if I don't make it on time! Shit, I can't stand late judges let alone MYSELF! ARGH.

So zooooooom.. off I went, driving like nobody's business. Got home and finished getting ready in like 15 minutes?! That included the make up and dressing up part! CRAZY I tell you!

I felt really bad when I got there 30 minutes late, but just to comfort myself I thought, 'Hey, they don't always start on time' *evil grins* hehehe 
Then I got there, and Abeer insisted that I ate something before going into the hall so I took one mouthful of I don't know what and quickly left.

There, still got time to snap a pic hehehe

The atmosphere inside was amazing. People cheering out loud for the event to start.

I wasn't sure if I'm cut out to be a judge. Believe it or not, I even asked Sam if I could just walk about and grade the performances while walking around rather than be stuck sitting down like a VIP right smack in front.


Here's the score sheet:

Empty. I ain't gonna share the scores with you. Heh heh. But you'll eventually know who wins.

Here's me again:
Extremely fidgety heh heh.
There was so much anticipation just by looking at the booklet. A whole list of performance lined up. Dances, skits, band performances, Fashion show and many more.

The night started off with Diplomats of Drum rocking the stage:

The crowd went wild. It felt like almost the finale when the dance floor opened way before the first performance.

Oh how can I forget, there's the fabulous light show at the beginning of the act:
Bea-u-ti-ful =)

More pictures from that night:

Skit by the Africans

Simba (above) has a stunning voice! Simba and his band won second place.

Random picture of me :P

Indian dance

Icenutz (acapelly group)

More dancing and singing throughout the night but one of the highlight has gotta be this:

Sexy belly dancers to sway your night away *nose bleeds*

AND this:
A snippet from the Fashion Show :)

Then there were lucky draw sessions and more guest performances such as from Urban Groove:

By the time it came to prize giving, my limbs were pretty much numb. Sat for almost a good 5 hours o_O really miss being part of the organizing committee and performances

Price giving ceremony:

 I gave out the mock cheque and prizes to the 2nd runner up winners as well as to the winner of the Fashion show (according to country)

And the Grand Prize winner of the night was of course,

These guys:
Pictures credit to Keshav from  Facebook
Absolutely hilarious! The Australians walked away with the Grand Prize that night =)

More pictures from event night:

Shaz and I

John and I =)

So who looks better in a kurta? hehehe

Monash Cultural Night was one great night spent. Reminiscing my uni days and all those times when I was involved in so many activities and performances.
No wonder they say, university life is the best of all. 

I'm glad it was one good experience. Now, who wants me to judge some more?!



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