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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Picturesque: my day and night
Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 11:23 AM
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Hello lovely people, it's a brand new week and I have tons of things to do. But like many of us, no matter how busy we are, we try to find time to pen down our thoughts. Okay, more like typing it down.
My parents are coming up this weekend so I can finally see Phoebe (my shih tzu) after a long while. I miss them all. 
May is coming to an end, so let me share some pictures with you, in random order:

Colourful cup cakes at Jayne's 22nd Birthday party

We celebrated Jayne's 22nd birthday a few days ago. Celebrating it at her place was a good change from all those times we spent in clubs with loud music. Not that I don't enjoy it, but you can hardly have a proper conversation and the next thing you know, you wake up not remembering how you spent your special day. 
Me: "Jayne, it's the first time we're not in the club on your birthday"
Jayne:*giggles* "Ohh, you don't want to go there, it reminds me of all our drunken stories -___- should never be shared"
SEE, True or not, tell me!

Shantee with Satay horns

and this is Minni (no, not Minnie Mouse minnie) :

At (@) Soularone and myself looking all funny
Me and my cup cake

I picked the one with my initial and so happen, it's a banana flavoured cup cake!
Me likey :)

Three musketeers high on sugar:

The party was extremely homely. Something I have not experienced in a long while because my parties are either by the pool side, in restaurants or in a bar/club.
Of course we played drinking games: battle of the sexes and naming categories.
At the same time, I we met an annoying fella, so annoying that I was tempted to punch him in his face.
One thing I can't stand in a guy is when he's a sore loser. Ego centric and plain stuck up. You think you're hell of a macho guy but my foot! Take it, swallow it!
Okay, let's not give him too much credit.

I am Rojak event @ Rootz Club
Introducing its female toilet.

and vice versa for men it's filled with pictures or semi naked women. 
Just wondering, which one would the gay men go? It's going to be weird for them to go into the ladies though.
Miss Froggybroon checking out some of the photographs:
Trust them to come up with such concept. How entertaining.

Gay wannabes in action @Bangsar

Two not enough? Here's three:
Bloody posers *bulu roma stands*
We watched Nightmare on Elm Street before heading over to Bangsar for tea time :)

Caught in the middle Part IV @ PJLA, Jaya One

Finally watched a play for the first time in my life. And it's the longest play, ever. I swear. I guess, a 3 hour long comedy theatre adds a little spice on your dull weekdays.
 Sorry, picture is a little blurry because no camera allowed o_O
It has a very interesting plot and the casts were hilarious! Though I felt we could do without the 20min intermission break. 
Interested? It's still showing from now till end of the month. Go catch it at PJLA today!
You can click on the picture (above) for the link.

I wrote about "Why smart phones can be dumb phones" on Read Rachel Says.
and more of it here

Pizzamania: Yellow Cab & Robb comes together

We ordered into surprise Robb a day before his birthday. Ohh la la I never really enjoyed pizzas (only like thin crust) until Dominos and Yellow Cab.
Happy Birthday, Robb!
Chocolate cake *slurps*

 My aimini account:
I finally logged in into my aimini account. The last time I did, I uploaded a cover I did for Corinne Bailey Rae's Like A Star. I searched for it and i got a shocked seeing that people actually downloaded it o_O *blushes* You can click picture (above) for link.

Last but not least, our priceless bumper car picture -___-
 I said no at first, but then I gave in.

and it was fun! Reminiscing good old days and proper fun fairs haih.
*change topic* err hum.
Okay, I'm going to polish up my blog layout a little, though I'm bad with html and codes, I'm still going to try play around with the template, just like what I did with my comment box.

I can now have bigger font for my titles.
On a happier note, I'm thinking Phuket or Bali for a holiday. Never been to both *yer jakun* and I'd love to right now. What say you? ;)


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