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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
pretty things are meant to be shared
Wednesday, May 19, 2010, 4:44 PM
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I had this conversation in the morning with a colleague. We compared what we first noticed about this girl.

Mr. X: "I think she's got bad skin."
Me: "How come you notice skin wan? i only noticed that she's wearing coloured contacts and her clothing!"
Mr. X: "What else should I notice? Men only notice the boobs, butt and skin!"
Me: -___- '''
Mr X: "Of course la, THEN? I know you girls only notice what branded clothes, bag or shoes the person is using"
Me: "That's not true!! Well.......only the clothing part la. But they don't have to be branded. Nice enough dy!"

But nice can be an extremely subjective word.

I think clothing tells a lot about a person, whether he or she is conservative or outgoing. A fashionable person always appeals to me. I'm not saying one should judge a person by what they are wearing. But who doesn't like an eye candy? 
However, being overly fashionable can sometimes cause one's eyes to hurt o_O (metaphorically)
What's overly fashionable, you ask? I guess it's when you mix and match already-good-looking-stuff with another stand-alone-pretty-outfit. 
Like this: 

Or this:

I've always loved how Leighton Meester dresses but what is she wearing in the photo?! 

To balance it up, here's what I think looks really nice:

via MonicaRose on Georgia Hardinge's AW 2010 collection.

Swoons and continues to swoon.
Just curious, what do you guys dig about a person you first meet?


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