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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Wonderland Party @ 7ate9
Friday, May 14, 2010, 5:06 PM
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Horeca's Wonderland Party at 7ate9, The Ascott:
We attended this event last night at a great restaurant/bar called 7ate9. It was my first time there and I loved it! 

I thought the bar had a pretty interesting name and then remembered this joke about 'why is 6 afraid of 7?'

and the answer would be because..7 ate 9 and then I'd give this face -_- 
My funny bones are extremely hyper today, for some reason so do bear with me :P

Testing an extra large picture:


The party had Wonderland as its theme. 
So there was Alice, The Mad Hatter, Red Queen and other characters from Alice in Wonderland.

Prior to the event, we were cracking our brains over what to wear and if we were going to play dress up-every girls' fantasy :) 

Unfortunately for me, I had to go straight from work so I headed over to KLCC for dinner with Shaz before finding our way to 7ate9.

I have a soft spot for beautiful lights. 

When we got there, the place was liven up by people dressed in costumes and the atmosphere was extremely fun, colourful, and breezy. As usual there were folks drinking, mingling and doing the usual networking thing.

They had a couple of bars serving cocktails made by professional bartenders:

Drinks: Wonder Hill and Euro Gina
There were separate deejays both indoor and outdoor.

Drinks menu:

My favourite was EuroGina-mixture of several liquor (Gin, Bombay, lemon, read above description :P)

Some photos from last night:

Thanks to Huai Bin, we had a handful of coupons to redeem the cocktails :)

Some of my colleagues had the time to go home and doll up (check out Karen in red!) damn striking right?! hahahaha

The ladies were all dressed to the nine and guys..erm as usual in shirt, slacks and shoes hehehe

Sorry guys, but I love this picture! (above) so cute!

Met a couple of bloggers too: TheJessicat, Joyce the fairy, and NikiCheong.

From left: Huai Bin aka Sixthseal, Veen Dee, and Jess

 Haha we all look elongated here but I like!

We took pictures with The Mad Hatter:

and a lollipop :P 

 while some of them were busy chatting the night away :)

 Okayla, cuter picture of Fresh and NikiCheong:

  That's about it for now. Tonight we'll be attending the #Iamrojak event at Rootz, Lot10.

Do check out their site at I AM ROJAK!

It's Friday again, what are you guys up to this weekend?

I need a holiday, thinking of a good place to go. Preferably somewhere with the beach where I can tan! God, I miss the sun.


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