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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
The day I popped my eye cherry
Monday, June 7, 2010, 2:49 PM
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I have always envy girls with coloured eyes, those who take the time and effort to shove their fingers into their eyeballs, pinch, and slide to put an extra layer on top of their corneas. Okay, kidding.
After talking to a few of my friends, asking for their opinions, I finally gave in. Plus after witnessing walking samples in front of me every day (in the office), I grew some balls and decided to give it a try.
I bought my first box back in my home town with Maine. She too loves dolling up and coloured contacts are part of her makeup. So together, we bought a box each and off we went. But 2 months later, I stare at the same box I bought back in JB, still nicely wrapped in the box with a free bottle of solution that would probably last me for 2-3weeks.
She bought green and I thought it would be safer to try neutral tones. Not brown, a bit too common. So grey it is (and it sure took me a while to decide which colour to get) because I don’t want to look slutty or foxy.

I know it’s going to sound stupid but I was extremely nervous. Of course I was, my eyes are extremely sensitive and they get irritated easily. But still I did it; shove the contacts into my eyes like the rest of the girls I was kidding about. 
Man, I swear that took 200 calories off my hands.

I took more than 20 minutes without guidance -_____-  
Go ahead and laugh. But I did it nonetheless. For comparisons sake, here’s a before and after shot of my left right eye.

Better say got difference!
And of course, I had to capture some vain shots with that pair of contacts. Now I know how you ladies feel with contacts on because I have always been paranoid after hearing stories about how contacts can go missing inside your eyes. Somewhere.
Before and after (with flash):
What do you guys think?
The verdict? I think contacts can do wonders for one’s appearance. Heck, you can even get out and rock the town without any make up on. Just coloured contacts will do. Okay, maybe with a bit of eye liner. And don’t forget to curl your lashes (and add some mascara) :P
I don’t know when I’m going to put them on again because you don’t want to know how long I took to get them out of my eyes!

One ugly pout before I continue.

I came home at around 11pm and stared straight into the mirror. SHIT #!@!!
How am I going to take them out? I do not know how o_O 
so I called my 911: Miss Dawn Ling for rescue
She’s damn pro, can take out her contacts without looking at the mirror.

Dawn: HAHAHAHAHAHAahhahaha and continues to laugh.
Me: :(
Dawn: Lightly pinch your eyeballs. Take em out!
Shaz: You are not going to leave them in your eyes, so take them out already.
Me: Not like I’m not trying, it’s sliding each time I try to take it out.

20 mins…………………….25mins……………………..35mins………………………………….....

Dawn: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA You just need to get over the fact that you gotta touch your eyeball. Just a tiny pinch. After that okay dy.
40 MINS……………………. (Shaz snoring away dy…………......……………........................)
Me: I GOT IT OUT, I GOT IT OUT! (plays random music while confetti pops)
Shaz: Ahh finally, don't wear it again -____-

Like a mad girl, I was farkin happy that my eyes are still intact -____-
I swear I’ve never been this happy about.. about my eyes.
Mine aren’t green or blue. They are brown and I’m happy heh.

So there we go the story of how I popped my eye cherry.



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