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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
My Looklet, have you?
Thursday, June 24, 2010, 1:33 PM
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This thing is so addictive. Found out about Looklet on twitter and I'm loving it!
Okay, remember Polyvore? The cool website where you can drag and drop clothing and other beautiful things to create a 'set' of cool stuff and other users can comment if they like your pieces?
Looklet uses the similar concept but makes it way cooler with real life models.
This is how my looklet page looks like, started two days ago:

 You first start by selecting your model. I showed this to some of my colleagues and even the guys are interested. Why?
Because men, they picked and chose what lingerie to wear on them models -____-

I walked in and out of the toilet and came across Firdy (male colleague) who was flipping front, back, front..and then back. Why, you ask?
Because you can have a look at the side view of your 'masterpieces', so earlier on I meant Firdy flipping front and back telling me how cute the butt cheeks look -__died-ed___-""
So after surfing the site, I started creating my own pieces:

#1 Urban Chic

The side and portrait view:

You can see the items that I mix and match on the top right of each photograph.

#2 Midnight Street

I like the cute heart shaped bag from Accessorize <3

#3 Complique

Played around with simple accessories and basic nude and black colour. I love the shoes!

#4 Retro Cross (my favourite because this was my first try!) :)



So, which one do you like? If any please please please :) *puss-in-boots watery eyes*
After creating the look that you like, you can save them and name your creation.
So if you're wondering, yes, I thought of these names spontaneously (you know when you're put in the difficult position) 
"Midnight street, Complique, Retro Cross, and Urban Chic" don't know what to call them. 
and lastly,

#5 The hot Geek ;)

Here comes the whole look:

Would you do her? hehehe I kid.
You should check out the site, I bet you'll be hooked to it, like I did! :)
They have tonnes of dresses, jackets, leggings, lingerie, bags, bracelets, yada yada..

Moreover, if you like something, you can click on more info and purchase them at the web site.
Almost faint when I saw the shoes..........................................and more shoes...........and boots....and heels.........farkin nice collection, i tell u! envied the models for a moment though

what's even better? k, nothing beats them shoes but still, something that you can play around with if you notice my pieces is the BACKGROUND! Super cute background to mix and match:
yes yes, some more in her lingerie.
here's another piece I created:
#6 Contemporary

What's also nice about Looklet is the feeling of people liking and commenting on your designs. So when you log into your page, there is a summary of your collections alongside cute little heart icons with numbers of people liking your design.
So what are you waiting for? Try it, it's super fun I bet you! :)
And fellas, enough ogling..i know they all have cute looking butt cheeks.

Good day, peeps! :)


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