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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Pizza making at Froggybroon's
Wednesday, June 16, 2010, 2:03 PM
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Saturday at Linda’s was filled with booze, dough, capsicums, pineapples and err..people. (Must be the post cocktail effect kickin’ in after my second SATC2 screening last night :P)

We always find interesting things to do when weekend comes. It’s like the need for something fun and exciting when all you have done the entire week is stare at the computer screen and work. Okay, not as bad as it sounds. 

I guess sometimes we just need to find reasons to chill after a long week bluek.

Introducing our host for the night, Miss Froggybroon 

She's a little shy in this picture, there's more ;)
I arrived slightly later than Huai Bin and Fresh so we couldn't help but entertain ourselves with SPOT:

The extra hyper and cute Jack Russell.
Also, I started playing the piano. Haven't played in a while and I didn't know Sixthseal took a video of it -_____-

Bloody pai seh la. It's been ages since I touched them black and white keys so I played the most conventional of all hehe Canon in D (Huai Bin's in love with it apparently). Anyway, play wrong somemore! -___-"" okay, i played by heart go on.. laugh.. la *emo*

Pizza chefs in the making: 

They worked hand in hand while the rest of us bummed around. Not exactly, while waiting there were some snapping photographs and getting snapped too.

See Michelle so hard working while Firdy tosses in some yeast and Fresh taking a peek.

Ingredients for Pizza making:

I swear the pepperoni was so tasty that we kept stealing them (eating them raw). Good ok!
I just had to snap a picture of Michelle slicing the sausage pepperoni sausage :P

While waiting for the rest to come and dinner to be served, some played chess:

That's Huai Bin trying hard to concentrate after 1..2....5...6...glasses of neat whisky and David kicking his ass in chess.

Where there's Sixthseal, there's booze kekekeke

Just kidding!

While the others gave a helping hand:
Never put a knife in VeenDee's hands 

 Okay, Veen Dee has her cute side too! :D

Dinner preparation for the gluttons
Fresh tomatoes to be boiled and blended:

Do you know that when you boil tomatoes for about 10mins, you can instantly peel their skin off with its already cut out shape? (if you know what I mean)

There, easy to peel and don't need to struggle with knife.

Michelle and Firdy made two portions of pizza dough for the base. Of course two aren't enough, we bought another 2 more ready made base.

The handmade dough:

Er hem, excuse me for the extra touch up. GO BRAZILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!! =D can still spot it, right?!

Okay, now the dough (for real):

I like pinching and poking the dough. Makes me miss those times when I get to play the play-doh and make ice creams and burgers out of it.

Home made Pizza sauce:

Firdy is the best! It was extremely delicious!

Posing for the camera:

Er hem, i mean Sixthseal posing for the camera =P while the rest hard at work hehehe

Pizza rolling:

You need skills for this! Freaking hard to get it to be round in shape!

And it's Pizza baking time!!!!!!

When the base was ready, we splattered the pizza sauce all over the base and threw in generous amount of toppings:

And the best thing is you get to throw in all the extra pineapples, bacon and pepperonis chunks:

Farking awesome!

It was time to bake it in the oven, two at a time:

I was never a pizza person, hate all the floury stuff but this was fantastic!

Ready to see the outcome?!

 TUH DUH!!!!!!!

 another closer shot:

 Are you salivating yet? hehehe *i'm d-very-evil-queen*

Of course we finished it all! Here's Rachel-the-glutton:

and Fresh the..errr..

I didn't know someone could be so happy with just a few slices of pizza, or was it the booze *raises eyebrows*

Take 2:

More people came after most of us reached the 'peak' (u know what i mean), here's a fine example:

Froggybroon on the left represents us and Boozeseal.

Haikal the boyfriend on the right represents otherwise hehehehehe

Here's a funny video of Huai Bin, Michelle and Fresh singing to 'Tong Hua' in their drunken funny state:

I had a wonderful time and it was a great experience at Pizza making and baking.
Would definitely want to try that again!

Happy Wednesday, all! :)


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