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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Sex and the City 2 @ GSC Signature, Gardens
Thursday, June 3, 2010, 1:19 PM
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Sex in the my city, Kuala Lumpur. 
Last Monday, we were given the privilege to the exclusive screening of Sex and the City 2. Despite negative comments and reviews, I personally feel that this witty-chick-flick was worth the watch.  
Some funny comments on Rotten Tomatoes:
“It's one thing to envy Carrie and her friends for their wardrobes and wealth, but this film actually succeeds in making audiences hate them.”

“I am a man. I am straight. I really liked the TV show. I am tired of this shtick. And no Samantha, I didn't just say dick.”

The two and a half hours long film was indeed funny and down-to-earth (Yes, 2.5 freakin hours, just about the longest ‘flick’ ever).
Harem pants, colourful tops, eye-catchy turbans, loud costumes and elegant dresses are good enough reasons for you to catch it. I mean, who doesn’t like stunning clothing?
One of the main reasons for me, was of course, to see what fashion or style was in store in the film.

This time, the ladies escape to an all expense paid trip to Abu Dhabi- so expect great wardrobes to go with it. Absolutely love the mix and match outfits.
Below you'll see Carrie showing off our her dream gigantic ward robe.

I want them all! Pretty please? Doesn't matter if it's from Petaling street, fake designer goods as long as the dresses are as pretty as this:

I won't burst your bubbles by telling you the small jokes about Jude Law oops, there I just did :P
Okay, so basically watch it if you have an afternoon free and would like to indulge in a sweet racy comedy.
Wondering how much some of the items would cost?
When she walked out of the door in this news print dress, it was simply jaw dropping.
Super low back some more. Shouts gorrrrgeous! :)

Oh did I mention Miley Cyrus has a cameo in the movie? -___-

Who do you prefer in this golden masterpiece? or should I say, would you go for sexy and super horny but slightly older, Samantha or the controversial Hannah Montana actress?
So there we go, some snippets of what to expect for Sex and the City 2. Personally, I think the costumes alone make this movie worth seeing. If you're looking for an intellectual and mind twisting monologues, I suggest you stay at home and watch Star World.
For those of you who have seen it, what do you like or dislike about the movie?

Before I end, this would be one of my favourite outfits. Cute, chic and casual.
Checked tops are in these days.
Pair them with a casual denim for a girl's day out and you're ready to rock the city!
Honestly, I was more excited about the clothing and style than the plot. I must get myself more of these now ;)


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