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live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Things I reminisce most about my childhood
Monday, June 28, 2010, 9:32 AM
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Those were the days, gone and spent. As time goes by, I feel like this rollercoaster ride is speeding at 120km/h and the brakes aren’t working. I can’t go back to where I’ve been, do what I’ve done, spend time with whom I’ve lost, and see people I’ll never see again. This sounds depressing but it hit me that I’m almost turning 22 this year yet I feel like I want to remain a kid all my life. Just wanted to see if anyone shares the same sentiment as I do.
Let me tell you why and what I miss:
1) Music that rocks and roll my life
I grew up listening to Guns n Roses, No Doubt, Bon Jovi, and  many more great bands. Whatever happened to music now. I’m talking about Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and many more equivalent artists. You get me. Speaking of music, I miss the big bulky old radios that I had to tiresomely adjust because it wasn’t digital back then.
2) Innocence and being able to eat and play with no worries.
I didn’t know about politics and wars back then. Neither did I care about any diseases that could spread and kill. I miss not knowing some of the things we all know right now. It’s one big nasty world out here.
3) Having people to tell me what to do
Truth is, that’s human nature. When young, we secretly wish we could grow up quickly and be independent but once we hit our twenties, we wish we don’t have to make choices, suffer from heartaches, and be stuck in traffic for hours because back then there were people to drive us around.
4)The bread man that comes in a motorcycle that goes honking around the neighbourhood selling my favorite sugi cookie
I don’t know if you happen to have that in your area but where are all the old Indian uncles with the snacks in your cute little bike?
5) The circus
Whenever I reminisce about my childhood, I remember the circus I once worked and lived in. The Royal London circus was one of the biggest part of not only mine but also the rest of my cousins. Because my aunt and uncle owned it, we could walk, play, and jump around the tent, containers, concessionaries, and the caravan. I remember working and helping my grandma (who worked in the circus her whole life) every 2 months break that I have at the end of the year. Really miss the people that made my circus days so memorable, I’m glad it happened to me.
6) Karaoke-ing at home with huge laserdisc
Remember those big round giant CD’s lookalike; I think it was called the laserdisc. I miss singing along to the oldies and back then it seemed like time stood still and I could go on for hours.
7) Exchanging presents during Christmas or any other occasions when we were the highlight
Before now, Christmas parties were the highlight of the year because parents would buy gifts for their friend’s kids so on and so forth. My friends and I would exchange gifts and in the circus, because there were hundreds of people, there would be a gift exchange session. How it works was that each and everyone would pick a piece of paper that already has a name and get a gift for that particular person. It’s highly anticipating not knowing who’s got yours, especially when there were hundreds of people from 20 different countries.
Speaking of gifts, Christmas now ain’t fun no more because I’m not entitled to gifts and all just because I’m all grown up (I’m speaking in terms of my usual child hood ‘gang’) :P Also, my Ang Baos for Chinese New Year is slowly reduced to numero uno.
8) This one’s for you, cousin: Playing ‘Tag’, running around naked and swimming (more like dipping) in an artificial pool
Don’t laugh, I bet most of us have been through that! Whether or not we remember, that’s a different story. I walked into ToysRus the other day and it brought back memories when I saw the box of artificial pool that you have to pump air into before filling it with water. Now we can’t run around naked, can we? :D
9) Reading Peter Pan and Enid Blyton
I’m not much of a bookworm but I do enjoy the occasional reads about Peter and Jane and happily ever after. I think I enjoyed reading Singapore’s True Ghost Stories more :P
10) Role playing (I meant playing doctors and cooks)
Perhaps some still do now :P but I’m talking about playing masak masak with your Play Doh ‘s and other toys. I don’t know if I was a retard back then because I had names for my toys and I would talk to them -____-*blushes* maybe because of the fact that I’m an only child.
Speaking of that, why are there stereotypes about ‘only childs’ because I think most of them aren’t true. How we are as a person is reflected by our upbringing and I believe my parents have taught me well, to respect and to love. One common question that I always get is, “are you lonely?” and my answer’s always ‘yes and no’.
Yes because I wish I had a sister who could’ve, should’ve, or would’ve been there for me so I can tell her stories about my crush that I had only friends to share with or play ‘make up’ with and a brother who would’ve fought all the bullies in school and protected me.
And No because I’ve always enjoyed the time spent alone. I know some people who will never eat alone, even if it’s just fast food. Till today, I enjoy the occasional alone time that I have because that’s when I start thinking about silly things that has happened and laugh or cry about it. But I’m thankful that I have friends and loved ones who genuinely care about me and to share the joy and laughter with.
11) Going to school in uniform
I remember how my friends and I would complain about how ugly our uniforms look but sometimes, I would appreciate not to fret about what to wear tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Tee hee.
Funny, I never thought I’d miss wearing uniforms to school. Minus the skipping classes part, but that was fun too :P
Okay, ignore my randomness.
So what is it that you guys miss most about your childhood? Don’t tell me the big bulky televisions or the bolster like mobile phones :P
Something to share on a blue Monday. Good day, peeps!


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