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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Urbanscapes 2010: The City's Creative Arts Festival
Tuesday, June 29, 2010, 7:19 PM
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A place where art meets fashion, passion, and imagination. 

That's what most of us have been talking about, Urbanscapes, the city's most creative arts festival. I figured that more than a handful of people are already talking and writing about this so I'll just upload some pictures we took on scorching hot Saturday afternoon. Enjoy.

(Pictures credit to Michellezyenn, Andy Gan and yours truly and not to mention, my blackberry hehehe) 

#1 Angkat rumah

I arrived about 12 noon and I was already late.
Cheesie called to say that it was hard to get a parking so Michelle parked opposite Sentul Park while I struggled in my wedges to my point of destination after walking through the tough crowd..and a house.

Great effort to all of you who took part in project #angkat rumah. Read a lot of NikiCheong's tweets while the whole process was taking place.

#2 Bling bling workshop for Olympus

Cheesie was invited to lead a mini bling bling workshop for Olympus and I'm glad they enjoyed themselves. Otherwise, I'd piss my client off dy :P Anyway, check out the lovely bling-ed items. So gifted! Put me there and I'll start to bling your fingernails instead.

The workshop lasted from 1pm -5pm and after that it was time to explore the flea market area...

#3 Shopping time!!

Bad idea to wear wedges because it was really muddy, but girls are vain. So don't mind us :P
We walked around the booths and found a lot of interesting stuff but I don't know why I didn't get anything. Like I always tell Shaz, I'm losing my shopping mojo!!! NOOOOO!!!

Sad to say, the fear of becoming broke.

Here's a happy me trying out a pair of boots. 

Okay, maybe only one side while Andy tries to snap a random shot of me.

Random picture that Michelle took, I'm liking these random pictures now :)

Okay, I look retarded here. Ignore me.

When Michelle said, "I feel like taking a picture on the grass but malu lah"
Immediately I said, "COME LET'S DO IT. WHO CARES nyehehehehe"

and here's a shot of her gorgeous hair:

The more I look at the picture, the more I think about Bollywood. I don't know why, maybe it's the trees and..... Andy's body posture on the far left (above picture)

Can you imagine???????
If cannot, let me help you:

Kuch kuch hota hai *music resumes* nyehehehe

#4 Glasses that beat-box?

We were amused by the power of them glasses and metal. Basically you put either your right or left hand onto the metal thing (see picture, very had to elaborate!) then start by dipping your fingers into the glasses with different water levels. 

So interesting! Even Jess had a fun time "water dj-ing"

 Same goes to jakun me and Andy:

Just realized that we were both wearing almost similar boyfriend shirt when I looked at this picture:

Looks like I'm wearing his shirt and vice versa. Trying to imagine him in lady's shirt err-hum.

Chee-kor-pek (mandarin for pervert) in the making:

It should've been, I love asses in this picture hehehe i kid. But thanks Michy, I really like this picture.


#5 The artsy people loving nature
The house is finally inside KLPAC!

 From left: Jess, Michelle and memememememe 
A picture with Ashwin and friend :)

There were also performances by local bands like Diandra, Arif, and Rosevelt but somehow, it felt like there was a lack of street performances. I remember they used to have skits and what not, more creative fun stuff but anyhow, Urbanscapes has always been a weekend well spent.

P.s. We need more artsy people in this world ;)



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