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Award's Night + Beginner's Guide to Fine Dining
Thursday, July 29, 2010, 7:48 PM
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Last night we attended the Agency of the Year Awards Gala Dinner by Advertising + Marketing. So right after the Bloggers' conference at Times Square, we headed back to the office to quickly get changed.

Arrived at Royale Chulan Hotel just in time. Theme of the night: Oscar Glam. Some dressed to the nines at the glamorous venue while but some still came in their working attire and party dresses.

We even cracked a joke about this girl who wore a similar dress to the one on ezytred.com :P

Sponsors of the night included Zouk, TimeOut KL,Tiger beer, and Absolut Vodka (if only Boozeseal was there, he would've drank his heart away..or was he?)

The place was packed with unfamiliar faces but it was a great first time experience to an Oscar-cum-MTV-Awards-like gala dinner. After I left uni, I thought I will never get the chance to attend balls and gala dinners anymore but I still do! *happy*
I have a soft spot for nice lighting. This one reminds me of a sunflower.

Gala dinners are gala dinners. Of course there were speeches and what not but surprisingly, it was pretty entertaining. Comedian Kuah Jenhan performed for the anxious crowd too!

Our table filled with cutleries, flowers, name cards and menus but I was more concerned about the cutleries. 

When I looked at the menu, I got pretty excited maybe because my stomach was already rumbling. But when I looked at the cutleries, I wished they would've cut it down to just a knife, fork and a spoon. And maybe another set for dessert. Instead, we had:

So Nikilesh and I had this conversation about fine dining and he said, "maybe should just start from the outer ones" which in a way kinda make sense *jakun tone*

So here's my Beginner's Guide to Fine Dining:

1. Napkins

Never ever place your napkin on your collar or in front of your shirt. For ladies, between your cleavage (uh-uh). You're no longer twelve year old kids. Napkins are for you to gently dab and wipe your mouth.

Don't forget to leave your napkins on your chair if you plan on returning to your seat so you won't come back to the table like a grumpy old woman/man when it's taken.
2. Which knife or fork should I use?
This one I can't tell exactly but if you look at the picture above:

No. 1 for butter and bread (or jam of any kind)
No. 2 & 6 for pasta and main course
No. 3 & 4 for subsequent dish (not dessert for sure!)
No. 5 for soup (if you notice, it's rounded) and..
No. 7 & 8 for desserts

3. I'm hungry, can I swallow my food now..fast?

Answer is NO!! You're in an elegant gown/dress/suit so take your time and enjoy bits and pieces of your dinner. Now, you don't want to eat too slow that you're ready by the time they serve the next dish. Also, remember to take small portion at a time (it helps your digestion too!)

4. Do not..!

- Don't smoke at the table unless invited by the host/hostess
- Don't use a toothpick or pick your teeth even if you have vege stuck in between them 
- Don't ever point your cutleries (It's really rude when you talk with your food in the mouth while holding a knife especially!)
- Don't kick a fuss and be ladylike/gentlemen (If you don't like the food then leave it or pass it on)

Okay, now that I've shared my experiences, check out the menu of the night:

# Squid ink pasta with prawn and vegetables

Kisses: 3.5/5

# Potato and leek soup

 Kisses: 3/5

# Chicken with braised chestnuts and vegetable (see picture of menu for glam name :P)

Kisses: 4/5

Great dish! Chicken was nicely cooked and the ingredients are fresh and tasty! and finally..

# Chocolate and berries for dessert

Kisses: 4.5/5

Yeap, it's my favourite dish. I've always been a dessert person so you know how to bribe me kekeke

Before I head out, some pictures we took last night:

# Miss Thailand and I

I look like Linda's babysitter here -___-"

Okay, another 'don't': Never ever play with food/garnishes hehehehehehe

and finally a picture of us:

Okay, gotta run! Off for dinner and recording. 

Good night peeps! :)


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