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Long Distance Relationships can be fun too!
Friday, July 9, 2010, 11:35 PM
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So we carried out a ‘plan’ called the long distance relationship (LDR) plan to invite our colleagues from Singapore over to Malaysia for the weekend.
Our first move was to send flowers to each and every one of them. Heck we even had a committee team (Linda, Sara, Nic Gan, and Jacqkie) to come up with an itinerary for Friday to Sunday. If you read my previous post, you would know that our office closed half a day for LASER TAGGING. How cool is that? :D
But before I share the pictures, just did a quick research on the representation of flowers. Ever wondered why flowers are often associated with romance?
Why not watches, cupcakes, or CDs instead? They don’t dry or wither.
So out of curiousity, here’s what I found:
Different flowers have separate meanings for instance friendship, true love, gratitude and so on.
For love, passion and affection:
Pink, red, white, and peach Roses, Chrysanthemum for fidelity, Sunflower for adoration, all types of Tulips
For friendship and platonic love:
Most yellow coloured flowers and the Birds of Paradise
Colours and numbers matter too, for instance:
Carnations – (pink) I’ll never forget you, (white) Pure and passionate love, and (yellow) disappointment
Who the heck gives flowers when disappointed -____- “
But anyway, it’s always wise to know before you choose your flowers for that special someone. I always thought that Chrysanthemums are for sad occasions.

Back to our LDR weekend, our first activity (also the most tiring one) was Laser Tagging! So here we go:
Laser Tagging @ Central Park
Arrived at 1utama for lunch before heading over to the park dressed in khakis, casual top and sneakers.
This is James explaining how to use the equipments.
Of course we were extremely excited; it was my first time playing laser tag. 
 Singaporean nuffies from left: Raine, Hui Wen, Elaynne, Elise, and Elisa
We were broken down into four teams: Red, Green, Gold, and Silver (because there were too many of us!) and my team (green) won by the way! Nyehehe so do not mess with me, or I’ll shoot you alive *evil grins*

Kevin placing on the sensors on my cap:

 We took turns playing team versus team and by the time we got to the finals, I was glad I could still feel my arms. Not because of the running and dodging, but because the guns are extremely heavy. 
 From left: Jacqkie, Rina, Vernice, Veen Dee, Raine, Kevin, and Nic.
 Thanks to Hung Ycnat, we have all these beautiful pictures to look back and laugh at.
Each time a new game starts, instead of flipping the coin we:
did it the kiddish way: scissors, paper, stone..

Winner gets to choose which area they would like to begin with- the playground or the toilet. I'm serious. The playground is of course the preferred place to camp and plan your strategies.
Let's take a look at how the game went:

 Oh, and they put these Counter Strike 'boxes' as your shield. So basically, you run, jump, hop and protect yourself from your enemies..

Our navigator, James would shout "1..2.....3..........." and then we attack!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha i know sounds stupid, but it's actually quite fun.
Then you'll see some teams playing defensive and some aggressive. Like this one:

Or even better, some hid in the toilet to secretly aim and shoot at people -____-""

while some played and camped by the road side o_O

So basically you have a rough idea how much running and hiding we did. Now that I look back at these photos, i'm laughing while typing.
So while our team took a break, Hung Ycnat asked if I could pose with the gun o_O maybe I do look like a tigress when i shoot. wtf. and the next thing i know, i saw it on Facebook post edited by i don't know who.
But free publicity for Laser Tag Malaysia.
Let me tell you who I thought was best at Laser Tag........
No it wasn't tall Karen.. though I think she looks extremely cool in this picture:

I thought the best runner, attacked and played for our laser tag session is none other than......
Miss Raine Chai

This girl is damn good, i tell you.  She'll run miles and attack you at places where the sun don't shine.

and finally, after rounds and rounds of guys versus girls, Singapore versus Malaysia..
our group photo:
and off we went for a sumptuous and satisfying dinner :)

So who says long distance relationships cannot be fun? ;)
Good night peeps!


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