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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
The Story of Mr. H
Friday, July 16, 2010, 2:41 PM
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I’ve almost forgotten about the story until I received another SMS yesterday. It all started when I attended a media launch sometime last month. Don’t be mistaken, this is not about a familiar Mr. H, rather this entry is about a particular Mr. H that I met at my client’s event.
We first met when he happened to sit beside me. As usual, at business events you exchange name cards and so on. When I received his, it says “All For Love” (should’ve taken that as a ‘sign’). So out of curiousity, I asked about what he does and found out that he’s a local celebrity. 
Sorry, pixelated the picture. That's famous designer Key Ng on the right.
Of course, being the girl that I am, I blatantly asked, “So what movies have you acted in?”
He named me a couple of dramas and sitcoms that they screen on RTM 1, 2 and TV 3.
But thing is, I don’t watch the television. When you’re working and all you stare at is the computer screen, you wouldn’t want to stare at any more screens, including your mobile phone when you get home. So it got pretty awkward, 
“Oh, I’m sorry, haven’t seen any of these films”.
Later that night, he dropped me a SMS asking to hang out but something inside told me to prolong with my silly excuses. Finally I couldn’t come up with anymore reasons and invited him along for a night out with a couple of friends.
He offered to pick me up as we both stay in the same area. Headed to Mark's Place at Kelana Square while waiting for the other two to come.
What happened was, it all went well.. we talked like how two friends just met. But then when my friends stood me up and asked us to head to Zouk instead, he started behaving weirdly. Either that or I must've been a conservative freak.
In the car, he took the longer road and we were stuck in a jam. Fuck. All i wanted that point of time was to get over with everything and head back home to sleep. 
I should've seen it coming, the signs, our conversations.
"I've dated a couple of chicks and they are all longer than any proper relationships I had" 
"You know, how celebrities are.. we meet and we have casual relationships"
"We meet at sets and stop seeing each other until the next time we work again"
and when I thanked him for buying drinks, he said "the least you could do is give me a kiss".
I've met jackasses who think highly of themselves (and that's fine) but one thing that I can't stand is how women are treated as objects to some of them men. Another one would be women cheapening themselves leading to these kind of stereotypes.
So of course I told him what I thought and all the women he's met must've been bimbos who's just completed primary school. Nah, that's not what I told him. I was feeling kind that night.
Curious how he looks like?

It's photoshop-ed i tell u! :P
So when we arrived Zouk, my friends were already tipsy. So we danced, drank a little and club hopped that night. I felt really uncomfortable and told my friend that he tried 'touching' me. My friend replied, "Aiyo, dancing sure touch la" -____-"
So anyway, i'm not thinking too much. My predictions were right. On the way back, he stopped and asked "so, where do you want to go now?"
All i could think of was..home! Bring me home muthafucker. And he placed his dirty hands on my thighs. I was on the passenger seat.
If you must know, he was aware that i'm in a relationship.
So finally, when we got to the guardhouse of my condo, he said, "Can I walk you home?"
No, muthafucker. Not in a million years. 
It was actually scarier than what i'm writing but i can't really explain it all in words. Just know that i don't often get frightened easily and he scared the shit outta me.
And that's because he leaned forward to give me a peck on the cheek o_O while i covered my face with both my hands. Don't ask me how he managed to still do that. But gross.
After that incident, he still have the cheek to message me @#$@%!  and his latest sms says, Hi dear, you've been mia for a while...
So there, the story of Mr. H. Children, have you learned anything from this? 
Moral of the story, never ever entertain well known people. They are known for being eccentric. Nyehahaha, i'm just kidding. Just thought I'd share my story on a dry day. And of course, he shall never ever get my reply.


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