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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Day One: Adventure in Kuta, Bali.
Tuesday, August 24, 2010, 5:42 PM
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It was a last minute booking when the two of us decided to plan a trip to Bali. Prior to that, we were hesitating and worried about accommodation and stuff. But because we have not seen each other for about two years (Jessie's from Brunei while I'm in KL), of course once again spontaneity got the best of us!

It was our first trip to Bali and we were both excited after reading reviews and hearing all the experiences from our friends (apart from the Bali curse). Surprisingly, mum and dad wasn't hard to please when I told them about our plans plus because it was just the two of us girls, I was glad that all they said was, "Okay, you have fun! Just take good care of yourself and call us when you're there" I love them both for being so understanding. Speaking of calling, I had a hard time using the prepaid there-save that for another day.

Day One: Ngurah Rai Airport (Denpasar) in Kuta

Excited once we got off the plane! So jakun, can see the beach and huge ass waves from afar!

Love the architecture too:

We got ourselves a cab and it took us about 55 thou (rupiah) to get to the heart of Kuta.

When I called to book our hotel two weeks before, most of them were fully booked. It got me worried when I managed to get one at La Walon and all the require was my name and country! "Rachel from Malaysia" that's it! Through phone booking some more!

Traffic in Kuta wasn't as bad when compared to KL! But the roads are really narrow!

This is Poppies Lane I where we walked to and fro for the next three days.

Finally arrived our budget hotel! La Walon looks extremely not budget at all, really!

It's located 5 mins walk away from the Kuta Beach. You can easily get a cab by walking out to the main road. Or better still, rent a bike for 100 thou a day! (roughly 35ringgit)

Show you our hotel room. We were going to spend most of our time out exploring so we opted to stay in the busy streets of Kuta. 4days 3 nights for roughly RM 290 per person. Pretty reasonable compared to some hotels for that price per night!

Our two single bed plus huge ass toilet:

I thought it was a great deal!

So what's the first thing to do once settled?


Both of us brought so many different pair and shade of bikinis! I wish i could show them to you, but nevermind, you'll see in some of the pictures (or if you have already seen on Fb).

Okay, besides that we explored the streets with colourful items for sale. I saw so many beautiful dyed dresses and batik clothes so pretty! We were both so excited looking at the accessories and cheap bargain-able clothing!

Here's my first glance at Kuta Beach:

Barely 5 minutes out of the hotel room and we each bought ourselves a hat, I got a straw fedora.

After walking around and settling down, we had our first meal at Kuta Beach:

Mee sup with bakso..


Then we met some new friends. 9 out of 10 people (on the first day and the following days) thought we were Japanese -___-" Don't know if it was flattering at all. We took it well the first day, but not all 4 days when all they say to you is, "Konnichiwa, Konbanwa..yada yada."

Saw nude kids..dogs..and adults too:

We were getting comfortable with Kuta though it was pretty hard finding our way (did a lot of walking!) around in the busy streets.

Caught the sunset at Kuta Beach too:

But the whole experience in Kuta cannot be compared to our romantic getaway at Jimbaran (Day Two).

I remember tweeting about whether I should party on our first night, unfortunately we exhausted (also partly saving our energy for full partying for the next two nights + some water sports action the next morning). Thanks to those who gave me a list of places to visit and things to do! :)


So there you go, my first day in Kuta. Have to break my Bali trip post into parts, sorray!

Be right back soon, loves! ;)


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