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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Day Two: Para Sailing & Romantic Sunset, Bali
Monday, August 30, 2010, 7:16 PM
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So little missus found us a tour package for water sports at Tanjung Benoa on our 2nd day in Bali.

After breakfast at the hotel (nice pancakes and toast with jam!), the tour driver picked us at 9.30am before our full day of water sports--snorkeling, flying fish, "half" wake boarding, and para sailing!

First things first, find ourselves a locker to dump our bags.

They were nice enough to give us a complimentary visit to Turtle Island on their Glass Bottom boat.

and I meant really huge (and not to mention old) turtles:

That's a 65 year-old turtle you're looking at.

Little missus swam with the pond of turtles (cute!) while I just dipped my foot in. Apparently they eat only seaweed so they don't bite flesh.

What surprised me was that little missus was into cold blooded animals. Without hesitating, she patted the iguana, carried a bat, snake, and an eagle. Pity the animals though, all they needed to do was stand still and be photographed. In case you're wondering, I did the same but not the bat.

They bite! Ferocious little thing!

So after doing the touristy stuff, we headed for snorkeling! All ready with our gears:

Sorry, gears were in the boat.

In case you're also wondering, we hired a private photographer (glam-nya). Nola.
They charged us about RM 100 each for all photographs taken during the water sports plus one CD ROM with the limited edition photos! :P

We were excited (coz thought they were armed with DSLRs or something), but then..
He came with a digital camera -_____-" we have that too, only in the locker. Wtf.

The photographer who loves taking videos. At one point, we got really annoyed because he kept asking us to pose for a "picture" but then..took videos instead -____-"

Here's a video of what kept little missus laughing each time we watch it:

"Ask him to take a picture can or not?" :D

Snorkeling at Tanjung Benoa sucked. Okay, I thought I had more fun snorkeling in Tioman and Redang. Really.

There weren't much to look see look see and the photographer, as usual kept asking us to pose for the camera. This time, UNDERWATER with his canggih WATER PROOF camera. FML.

But thanks to him though, we've got many pretty pictures taken without having to ask for help.

(See my tu lan face underwater) Just kidding.

Next on the list was "Flying fish". Yes, you literally fly like a fish :P

First you sit in that huge "fish" and all you have to do is hang on to the thick rope, just like those on banana boats.

Then off you go! Flying up and down with nothing else to cling on to. Pretty fun!

Now, just now I said we also did "half" wake boarding. That's because only little missus tried.
Super difficult for beginners! Felt cheated because we asked beforehand.

As usual, men being men, SHOW OFF!

But one thing though, they've got nice abs.

We managed to persuade the person in charge to let us swap wake boarding for parasailing since we were incapable of surfing like pros who's been training for months.

And so we did!!

My first time parasailing was back in Penang two years ago, and it was so good I had to do it again!

Here's a video (farking hilarious, you have to see it! especially the beginning) of us Parasailing :

Now to think of it, I'm a little thankful he kept taking videos. We can now watch and laugh at ourselves :P


After water sports, we took our shower and freshen up before heading over to Jimbaran (famous romantic spot according to many) for seafood and sunset!!

We got the driver to drop us at a "place he'd recommend", so we landed at:

Dewata, in Jimbaran.

Pretty place! We arrived around 3pm and sat by the beach while snacking on fries and Bintang (oh how we adore life at that moment :P) so pampering and unhealthy! hehehe

Here's a first glance:

Looks like something we see on them post cards.

Spread the beach mat and sun tan!! Little missus brought a book with her too.

It was pretty darn relaxing.

Listening to the waves while joking away. My favourite part of the trip!

We sun tanned, drank, laughed, jumped around like little girls.

While waiting for the sun set and dinner, we came across this:

What does this look like to you?

We thought we were lucky to catch someone's wedding by the beach. Traditional one some more.

But then, little missus found out that it was actually a funeral o_O
A FUNERAL. That's something to remember.

When it was dinner time, we ordered the seafood platter (cost us about RM 200) because they served on in packages. It was originally 500-700 thou, but we managed to bargain our way through (minus the lobster, we got a better deal).

The best thing was we were extremely early at Jimbaran so we didn't have to fight for a nice spot.

Then came the sunset..

It happened so quickly but I've got a photographic memory :P

Then came the candlelight dinner:

Candlelight dinner by the beach, with live music playing from the distance. Priceless.

It's such a romantic place, there were couples all around..and then us haha

After the yummilicious sunset dinner, we headed back to our hotel for...


Will blog about it next, stay tuned! =)

Dinner time! *glutton mode on*


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