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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
DIY Shoot for FLINC
Thursday, August 5, 2010, 11:04 PM
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Just got back (not home but currently at Frames Cafe) from SLASH & MYLES KENNEDY's rockin' show at Sunway Lagoon. Will blog about it with the sucky-but-satisfactory pictures taken from my blackberry.

Blogging mojo at its peak: DIY Shoot for FLINC

We headed over to Vince's late last night for a do-it-yourself photoshoot. Now, when i say DIY, it means using random items such as the sun reflector, candles and what not for that 'perfect' lighting.

Just thought I'd share some pictures here before I head back home to pack for Bali trip with my Brunei Missus.

#1 Behind the scene

#2 Candlelight-oh-so-gay moment :P

#3 Vincentzorro with blurred Jerm in the background:

#4 Lead guitarist: Ilham cuckoo Abadi, "Adi":

#5 Vocalist, Shaz with the lovely ghost:

#6 Jerm 'the Hulk' bassist:

#7 Afiqster the drummer:

#8 and finally me the doink:

My favourite shot of the night was well worth our effort. We stayed till 2am before heading to work. Love the cool tone and believe or not, we used a sun reflector to achieve the kind of lighting we want. Also, we shot in the dark. Totally dark.

My favourite shot would be this:

Good night, peeps! :)


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