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Damn You, Pickpockets!
Sunday, September 26, 2010, 12:33 PM
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If you follow me on twitter, you'd know by now that something bad happened yesterday. Originally my plan was to self pamper and shop for toiletries but it turned out well, unexpectedly bad.

Picking pockets is pretty common these days but it's a crime! Unless you're craving to be put being bars, I swear I'll (inserts foul language) cut/bash/punch the thief/thieves [might have syndicates]!

The afternoon started with lunch at Frames @ Oasis Boulevard before heading over to Sasa, La Senza, and a few other shops. Bought my mascara before thinking twice about buying other items. 

Damn it, should've spent the money away! 

That's how we girls are. We see something, try it but refuse to get it unless it's the last piece or are told it looks beautiful on us for like 10000x times.

When I realized my wallet disappeared, I was trying on a checked top. The shop assistant held onto my bag for a brief second while I tried it on, before I decided it was too large for me. 

No, I didn't blame or doubt her. So first things first, I questioned the lady boss and the assistant who assisted for a bit.

Then came Kong, who helped me with lodging a police report. I never realized how f-ked up the place was. Sunway Pyramid is after all my favourite mall here. By looking at the unique architectures and high tech parking lots, we would assume they have great security measures too.

We met with the security and I passed them my number in case they found a longish Sembonia wallet in the tong sampah =( Then one of the security guards told me that we needed a police report in order to get a glimpse of the CCTV of that particular area. I won't mention where exactly but it wasn't in a shop.

After making my report at 6.02 pm, I headed back to the control room only to be told that I needed a SERGEANT to be there before they can show me the video between 5pm-6pm. What kind of crap is this?!

1. As a shopper, aren't we always told if something/someone's missing, we need to first inform the mall security. What do they then do? Tell us to make a police report if needed --isn't this what we grew up learning, do we need their help if all they tell us is this?!

2. Is there some kind of protocol or procedure that we shoppers need to know before we put ourselves in danger of these pickpockets? Where then can we find these rules and safety measures? Outside the control room? No, I don't see nothing.

3. What next after making the report? Can we take a glimpse of the CCTV after the report? and which SERGEANT should I look for to assist me in being there before watching the video? 

Which policeman would bother when there are bigger cases out there waiting for our righteous law to aid? I eventually found one nice police sergeant 2 hours later. But my question is, how do we solve crimes if we take so long to react?

4. STATIC CCTV?! The area I wanted to take a look at happened to be a BLIND SPOT. WTF.
It's a walkway, nearing the escalator HOW CAN THEY NOT HAVE A PROPER, ZOOMABLE CCTV?!

Apparently, shop/stall owners will need to fix their own CCTV even if they're having some kind of promotion along the walk way, they are not secured with safety measures like these. 

We spent the next 3 hours starring at the CCTV, which was after all redundant because timing of that particular CCTV was OFF (took us 2 hours to finally find me in the video!). One point, Shaz even thought I kena jampi! (under some kind of spell) WTF.

And even though we spotted me, it was so tiny and blur we couldn't zoom and because it was static, there was no point looking at it any longer. 

Lessons I've learned?

- A big, beautiful mall may look all grand and nice on the outside but in terms of security measures, they need to enhance the technologies within the mall to provide shopping comfort.

As a shopper, the last thing we want is to feel uneasy, acting like we're prone to snatch thieves anytime of the day.

- I now know the blind spots of the mall, come ask me =P

- Another difficulty I faced was calling the banks (for all my cards) on a Saturday! One was UPGRADING THEIR SERVICE, another was CLOSED AFTER 5.45PM, and only one was efficient. Sigh. Maybe we shouldn't shop on weekends and if we do, keep everything in your pocket/cardigan/jacket.

- And lastly, I need to zip my bag and hold on to it 24/7!!!!!!
Okay la, I just need to spend less this month and work harder to earn that 500 bucks back. It's not really a huge sum of money but think about the amount of necessities and things you can buy with that sum of cash!

Well, I'd like to believe that when the bad luck is gone, more good ones will come. Think new wallet and think about becoming more decisive when you want that something!

Think of good things and good things will come your way =)

This is dedicated to all you pickpockets --especially educated ones who can read! Do it once, twice, thrice but I can't wait till the day you are caught because karma's going to hit you so bad, you'll fall on your knees. Maybe not to you but to your loved ones, think twice damn you!

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