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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Day Three: Of Partying + Endless Shopping
Monday, September 6, 2010, 7:15 PM
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It's almost impossible to miss the night life when you're in Kuta.
Even after a day of suntanning, water sports, and watching the sunset, miraculously, we had the energy to explore the clubs in Bali! IT'S A MUST! =P

Met a friendly couple who hail from Jakarta and we decided to meet that night at The Bounty (located at Legian street) with their group of friends.

Girls playing Make Up:

 and we're ready to rumble!

 It was our first time walking to the club from the hotel. Legian street is 15 mins walk away from La Walon.

Thanks to twitter, we had a few recommendations: MBarGo, Sky Garden, Apache (Reggae bar) & Bounty.

Speaking of twitter reminds me of me getting a temporary line in Kuta. I signed up for XL (by Axiata) which was hard to find (and reloads only came in 10,000 rupiah [RM3] so imagine! One call back home for less than a minute and my credit's gone! FML.

We arrived around 11pm at Legian Street, which reminds me of heritage row (back when it used to be busy and packed). First venue of the night?

Sky Garden (must visit!) gave us VIP passes for free flow after 12midnight. So good to be tourists! By far my favourite compared to the rest of the bar/clubs! It has different variety of music (4 floors-each with different settings and music- R&B, Live band, House, lounge music) and a romantic outdoor area that is always packed!

Finally met with the ladies:

Streets packed and colourful lightings everywhere.

Held onto our passes and headed to Bounty, just a few doors away.

 Walk into a jungle filled with all sorts of entertainment: Live band and Karaoke stage (AWESOME!) with live bands playing minus one songs for the drunk crowd to sing on stage. Walk deeper and you'll see pool tables and bars that serve cheap beer! The main dance floor on the higher level:

Weirdly though, the more we danced our night away, it became clearer that in Bali, men were more of the extrovert:

They are always hogging the stage.

Headed back to Sky Garden because MBarGo wasn't as happening =P
From Day One, people thought we were Japanese so it wasn't that bad until we met a bunch of real Japanese who thought WE ARE JAPANESE too and started speaking in their native language. -__-"

Nihongo hanasemasen, arigato gozaimasu. (I can't speak Japanese, thank you.)

Kawaii neh- wtf.

From left: Dan, Rachel, Jessie, and sorry I forgot your name, Kanta? =P

They were extremely fun people (and surprisingly speak really good English too!). It happened to be someone's birthday that night:

That pretty much sums up our first clubbing encounter (MORE ON DAY THREE--BELOW).

Of course we didn't walk home that night, we took a bike instead :D

Girls day out at the beach on our 3rd day in Kuta:

They teach surfing for about RM30 an hour.

Little missus went for her surfing lesson while I pampered myself with the best foot rub on the beach!!

Clean feet:

If you think I'm lucky (so pampering!), look at this man:

3 masseuses for ONE MAN?!

Then I bought myself ice cream in the hot sunny weather:

*miss being tan already*

After spending our whole morning at the beach, it was time for SHOPPING!!

We chose to walk instead of talking a cab/bike since it would be a good time to explore the place (plus the roads were all tiny and packed!)

You can also choose to ride on the horses (carriage) like Cinderella wtf.

Look at the angmoh, never wear clothes also can ride bike.

We walked looking for our destination (Kartika Plaza) -supposedly 15 minutes away from our hotel.

But you know how girls are, we are easily distracted by beautiful things..and....people =P

One of the markets on one of the streets. Bob Marley is everywhere!

Somehow in Bali.. they seem to worship these..

They have wooden ones as well (i got one that works as a bottle opener errr hum.)


Some nice places to shop (for the ladies especially) would be Flamingo- for stylish & fashionable dresses, etc.
For souvenirs, you can visit "Baliku"..we spent over 2 hours buying stuffs for our loved ones and friends..

Bought really cute pens for our colleagues and friends. From 15 mins (originally) to 2 hours.
We arrived at a mall called the Discovery Mall.. walked for another hour, bought more stuff..

Batik for my parents, dresses for myself, and little missus bought perfume, candles and a lot more!
Just picture two petite girls with huge bags on their arms.

Asked around for Kartika but no one knew. 
It supposedly is the largest, how can anyone not know?

So we continued our journey in search of the great Kartika Plaza..until we realise..we've been cheated.

Because Discovery Mall is KARTIKA PLAZA (and vice versa!) and we've been in there ALL ALONG!


Our feet finally gave in so we took a tea break..

and another foot rub..

Before we headed back to our hotel to get ready for Kudeta in Seminyak!

Kudeta is one gorgeous place to chill and spend a great night out (especially if you're with a bunch of friends).

 Beach front

No, we didn't take these pictures. You may click on the link above for Kudeta's site.

I figured the photos we took at night cannot justify how gorgeous the place is and by the time we got there, it was already half past 9pm.

We missed the bikini party earlier but thank goodness because the cover charge was crazy expensive! (No, not 50-100 bucks, it was double!)

The dance floor. Again, it's always male dominated.

I like to see hot chicks too =P

Main lounge on the ground floor

The sofas are huge! (hmm i wonder why they need such big sofas to sit)

Shortly after Kudeta, we headed back to Legian for our last clubbing night in Bali.
However, something extremely funny happened..and it led to this:

Two men and a girl? No, nothing sexual lah.

Little missus and I had a terrible fight because we lost each other. LOL. We spent hours looking for each other up and down each level but we failed to meet. Plus XL with RM3 didn't help. What was I thinking, I didn't think about borrowing some one else's phone since everyone (including myself) was pretty much 'there'.

So our last night ended pretty rough. It's hard to really describe what happened, all I remember was there were chaos =P (little missus fell into a pond of water at the club kekekeke)

Okay, she got real mad at me but we ended up laughing in the morning when I found her sleeping on the beach -__-"

And i got so pissed that I buried her =P

That's what friends do, they argue and fight. Bitch slap and scream at each other but end up laughing at all the silly things they've done or said. (thank God for some of the videos).


Of course we needed a good meal before our flight back to KL.

can't remember the name of this restaurant but most of the restos serve the same food

see my hungover face =P

Took the evening flight back so there was still time...for SHOPPING!

We figured we needed to finish our rupiah sooner or later so..

More stuff for people! (i think my luggage was filled with souvenirs and clothing for my loved ones).
Bought myself a batik bag, a dress (ONLY ONE!), a fedora, little accessories and that's it!

Japanese pose before we boarded the plane.

Just before that, we found out about the airport tax!


So like fools (just like everyone else keke) we had to change MORE MUNNAY :(
before we said good bye to Bali.

I had an awesome time with little missus, what wonderful memories (and videos! =P)
to keep!

Love you loads, this entry is just for you =) xoxo

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