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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Get a socks for your naked berries now!
Thursday, September 9, 2010, 2:56 PM
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If you haven't heard, the coolest promotion is in town! 

Ever since I got my blackberry in April, I wish for everyone to have one so we could all stay connected and start forming bbm clans! YEE-HAR. I'm just kidding.

DiGi being the coolest, is giving out FREE BOLD 9700 in their latest Hari Hari Blackberry Mari (click here) promotion. Learn how to win simply just check out this site.

What's cooler than that?




In conjunction with the promotion, DiGi is also giving out socks for your naked berries!
Stand a chance and win yourselves a limited edition BB SOCKS just by blogging, THAT EASY!
So what you waiting for?  
Pimp your berries today! =)

You can log on to www.hariharimari.com for more information.

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