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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Johnnie Walker: Step Inside the Black Circuit
Tuesday, September 7, 2010, 1:09 AM
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It was Johnnie Walker's biggest and grandest party of the year: The Black Circuit. Thanks to MamaGoon, we received a goodie bag (awesome shite!) and an invitation each for the magnificent event held at Swedish Marque- Volvo showroom in Jalan Dua. (click)

A day before the event, we received the most generous goodies by far:

Gifts consisting of a limited edition bottle of Black label (i know Boozeseal will like it =P), JW thumbdrive, mouse, hand towel, notebook, and a couple more items.

Our invitation came in the form of a gold band (how cool is that!) so most of us girls just wore it on our arms.

Pictures credit to Johnnie Walker:

Swedish Marque

I came and went in so quickly that I didn't notice this. So geng, right?
Now see the interior and setting..oh so glamorous:

Velvet sofas (me likey!)

But before that, met Jane who was one of the gorgeous ladies attending to the excited crowd:
Spot Cay Kujipers and Felixia Yeap:

And how can we forget the Johnnie Walkers..

Nice to see, nice to hold, once broken, considered sold. Er, free flow all night long lar.
Just fooling around =P

The VIP area

Music was great that night! We had DJ Havana Brown to entertain the guests:

When I arrived around 10ish, almost half the crowd was already semi sober -__-"
Saw some familiar faces but it was too packed and dark for me to push my way in. Sorry!
Music was loud too, but I assure you the crowd loved it:

Some of our bloggers who were there:

From top left: Kimberlycun, Haze (blushberry), Kyspeaks, and Shaolin Tiger =)

VIP of the night included Reshmonu, Henry Golding and celebrity blogger Dawn Yang.

The ladies at our table:

From left: David (not a lady, but a ladies' man), Hui Wen, Me, and Angeline

 From left: Angeline, Me, Rachel (yes another Rachel), and Vanessa =)

Met more familiar faces that night:

From left: only know Zen, Walauwei, Esther, Hanie, and Shantee (sorry!)

With Esther and Shantee <3

Oh forgot to introduce:

David and Nick, both very smooth with ladies =P

And Jason from Mynjayz.com:

Thank you for the lovely pictures! =)

That pretty much sums our night at The Black Circuit party, which ended around 2a.m. Surprisingly for the first few times ever I went home really sober *claps claps* Nah, i'm just kidding.

Alright, bedtime. Good night, folks!

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