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Weekend Trip to JB: Of Girls & Food
Monday, September 13, 2010, 2:35 PM
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Part Two:

When I picked her up Maine said to me, "you haven't been back for a year you know!"
In fact, it's only been about two months or so but it felt like ages since I met the girls!

So we went to City Square for shopping (traffic is good here compared to the city--everyday jam!)
Located right smack in town (near the customs to Singapore), City Square (click me!) caters for people of all ages. 

There's 'innercity' with Asian street wear, vintage clothing, and accessories that you can get for a good deal! For moviegoers, there's a cinema all the way til level 7 and for the older folks, there's traditional massage and moon cake bazaars. Pretty decent place to get almost anything you want =) 

Later that night, we met up with Charlene whom I've not seen in two years! 

I must admit it's easy building a friendship but not easy maintaining one. But I always believe that if we put in effort, even if it's a slight one, things will eventually work out well. Just remember that it takes two hands to clap.

We headed to the duty free area in town--most happening bar/clubs are there!

My favourite would be Roosts cafe (a boutique bar with salon upstairs!) for a chillaxing night out, Cabana, and Salivate (club on one side and pool place on the other).

We decided on clubbing at Cabana because it was a Saturday night and we all love to dance! =)

Bought ourselves a tower and talked about silly things. Guess we made an impression since the club manager bought us another tower and food soon after! (all on the house woo hoo!) =P

Haven't had such a great time in a while and it was mainly the girls who made my night =)

From left: Eileen, Maine, myself, and Chacha

High school friends who never fail to make my day and night! and mind you, Charlene has an extremely addictive laughter. Worse than mine! kekeke

and she drinks like a whale too!

...she was also the one who got tipsy

Meet Max, the guy who bought us Chivas 


That's Charlene wasted =P I kid.

We had a great night out, cheers to our friendship!

Clubbing in JB is like putting me through a test- the sleep late and waking up early still hungover- test.

Got up early yesterday morning to spend some quality time with my parents. 

That's mum and dad dyeing their hair XD

Then off to lunch at Megah Ria:

Todak Seafood @ Megah Ria

When some local friends from another city make fun of where I'm from, I start to think about the kampungness of JB, which I can barely picture. I grew up here and yet I don't see their point besides the ones that the orang asli live in or certain areas inside town where it's probably unnoticeable, what more by visitors.

"You don't look like you're from JB, it's so kampung how can you be from there"
I don't know if that's a compliment but it never fails to annoy me.

 You can see the city from here =)

Todak serves a huge variety of seafood. So we ordered a couple of dishes that turned out to be really yummy!

Sambal kangkong



My favourite dish:

Super gigantic CLAMS in Thai style
I can eat xxxxxxx plates of this!

 Prawns the 'Nestle' style

Chilli crabs!

Deep fried buns

For you to dip and eat! Simply tasty! *salivates*

Other food that you have to taste is the white wanton noodles here.

It's dry (doesn't come with gravy) but served with soup and wanton (dumplings)

It's the best I've tasted to so far, it's a pity they only have the black sauced wanton noodles in my area.

We also had seafood porridge at Matang Seafood in Mount Austin:

Served in Claypot style --with added sotong and fishballs

 Once again, porridge is not for sick people ;)

Okay, got a flight to catch in a bit.

Can't wait to be back in KL but I feel heavy-hearted having to come and go, miss my home already.

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