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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Weekend Trip to JB
Saturday, September 11, 2010, 1:01 AM
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Part One:

Set the alarm at 0500 but was woken up by my housemate telling me there's water coming out from my room at 0430. It's only been a few hours before I finally dozed off but this is worse:

I called for a cab the day before to come by 6am but after cleaning/drying the place it started pouring heavily.
 5.40am and just as I'm about to go to the lobby, I see puddles of water flowing all the way to our corridor. Damn it. Still uncertain about where the it's coming from, I quickly left a towel there before heading down.
I'm flying with Firefly (click) this time around. My luggage, clothing and bags were drenched when I finally got to the check in counter. Heck, the attendant even thought I had liquid/alcohol in my luggage (prohibited) that was causing the dampness -__-"

Meanwhile, I called the plumber and housemate back and forth to help with their communication *stressed*. Felt like I just woke up from a bad dream.

I remember watching Mr Bean's movie and laughed so hard when he had to dry his wet pants using a dryer in a public toilet. And that's exactly what I did with my wet clothes.

Felt slightly better =)

The unpleasant feeling went away the moment I saw my parents waiting at the arrival hall. In times like these, nothing beats having someone to fall back on and knowing they'll always be there for you.

And thank you for a house full of people I love ~ Terri Guillemets

Sultan Ismail International Airport, Johor Bahru

Hellooo Jaybee! It's been a while since I came back home. I miss everything here! Though often misunderstood as a 'kampung' (village), the food here is wayy better than where I'm currently living.

First things first: BRUNCH!

Kuey tiao kia/chap in Centrepoint (Cedar Point)

Kuey tiao kia (Baby kuey tiao) is served with black soup. Like Teo Chew porridge, you may order small dishes to eat alongside with it. Dishes they serve include innards, boiled eggs,and toufu (beancurd) topped with onions, pork lard and spring onions.

I've had this since I was a kid and they still have the best kuey tiao kia so far =)

Got home after brunch and guess who's happy to see me?

This is Sachi shaking my hands

and little Phoebe, my now botak Shih Tzu =)

I brought back gifts from Bali for mum and dad and ironically, my dad bought me more gifts from his recent KK trip wowwee..

Accessories, sarongs, skirts, pants, big t-shirt to wear to sleep (seems like he's more happening than me--in terms of shopping)

Boum by Jeanne Arthes

The last time anybody bought me a perfume was my ex boyfriend so I was really glad when I saw a package on my table when I got back =)

Watched some television and we started flipping through old photos:

That's my mum and dad in the middle in their 20s o_O

Then dad was showing me pictures of girls he used to date hehehe and some "stories"

Here's a picture of my mum I couldn't resist but snap! Are you ready?

Couldn't stop laughing when we saw this..love her style though =)

and here's little me:

How? *giggles*

Took a nap before heading over to Holiday Plaza for DVDs!! =P


It's also the Mid-Autumn Festival this month so we bought moon cakes!

My favourite is the snowskin mooncake (served cold!) =)

Wanted to get a hair cut but dad came to pick us up after his evening jog, so then we headed back to Centre point (Cedar Point) for dinner:

It's located 5 mins away from Holiday Plaza

Cedar Point has a great variety of local dishes- fried oysters with egg, beef noodles, satay, ikan bakar, chicken wings, clay pot rice, porridge, mixed rice, and many more!

Just had this a while back, super yummilicious dinner:

Best chicken wings ever!

Clams (see ham)

Fish head curry served with rice

Okay, that's it for day one. Will update when I have the time soon!

Good night, peeps! =)

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