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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Angel's Home @ OUG
Monday, October 11, 2010, 11:41 PM
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Visited Angel's Home for kids at OUG last weekend with the finalists.

I'm really glad we made the trip because my last time to an orphanage was a long time ago. 

Shooting the introduction:

Interviewing Aunty Belinda, the care taker:

There are about 14 children from as young as five to thirteen, all fun and naughty =)

With Frankie and Sandra

When we arrived, they just celebrated another kid's birthday and all of the them were given Mickey Mouse tshirts. Talking and playing with the children made me realize how important childhood is, the memories that will guide us through, the moral values we learn, and the friendship we make that help make us who we are today.

Apparently sometimes parents from the neighbourhood would celebrate their children's birthday at the orphanage. Aunty Belinda is extremely sweet to care for the kids. I tried to understand their lifestyle, spoke to Sandra, who's an active runner in school.

She says,"We sleep and share the same room, all eight of us girls." Then she went on to explain how they'd spend their weekdays and weekends. Aunty can't afford to bring all fourteen out so they'd have to take turns every weekend.

We bought them pizzas for tea break =)

The children would go to school, tuition classes, and attend curriculum activities like the rest of the kids. What surprised me was that they knew all the latest songs (jakun!) no, really! Like Bruno Mars as well, we were singing Just the way you are XD The girls, on the other hand, were interested in learning more about modeling because they were madly into America's Next Top Model -___-"

They were laughing and jumping around with the pretty finalists:

And finally before it turned dark, we shared our goodbyes.

What a great experience! I promised I would go back to visit them (and bring along some of my older/tighter/smaller clothes that'd give me another good reason to buy more stuff! hee!)

Will include the address here when I find Aunty Belinda's card so you guys can pay them a visit, it'll be fun! I assure you =)

Oh, and prior to that we visited Yume Jewellery at Tropicana Mall as they are one of our main sponsors.

To show you how tall this girl is. She's 183cm -___-"

Now I feel like a gremlin + midget standing next to her.

By the way, you can catch the episodes of the model search online as well =)

(click on picture to link to site)

Good night peeps! 


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