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Design Pads WOWed the missus
Thursday, October 28, 2010, 7:03 PM
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Every month when a girl menstruates, she's either grumpy, moody, or lethargic. 
 So guys, what to do? You either feed your ladies more food, give them extra tlc, buy them gifts or simply leave them alone =P

But the other day when the mystery box came in, the girls went gaga over it.

I swear I've never seen a girl getting so excited over sanitary pads. Including myself.

So let's uncover the mystery box:

You too, are among the first to be WOWed =)

Inside this fully white coloured box, lies a set of beautiful items: 

Various designs of ultrathin pads:

 A black mug and a WOW designed note book with batik like borders, 

and a look book by Kotex with a CD ROM and three sample design pads.

 Pretty or what?

Since we're at this topic, let me share with you some tips that I think work for me when my aunty (mandarin term "ah yi" refers to that time of the month) visits.

For some of you it might hurt a lot, try sleeping on the side of your body and move your feet to prevent cramps. Stretching helps too. For me, I've been one of the lucky ones to not suffer bad cramps but rather, I feel extremely bloated right before that time of the month.

I've even heard from some that there are ways to make sure your menstruation cycle comes earlier, especially when you're about to go for a holiday and it's that time of the month! SUCKS!
So try pineapple juice, it works for me.

Try not to stress out because it affects your flow. Think of it as something healthy, dirty toxins come out of your body and your skin starts to glow right after! =)
Last but not not least, get plenty of beauty sleep, IT'S THE NUMBER ONE RULE, and drink lots of water.

Have a good day, everybuddy!
I'm off to my rehearsal for tomorrow's DG Color finale at Mid Valley =)

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