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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Eight cheap ways to pamper yourself
Tuesday, November 16, 2010, 11:57 PM
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It's a public holiday tomorrow (Yay!) but it sucks because it's not on a Monday or Friday.
It's midweek! 

So my plans to go back to JB didn't work out *sobs* anyhow, just thought I'd share some cheap ways to pamper yourself..since it's holiday! Think about loosening up, soothing your mind and de-stressing, lifting your mood and feeling good! 

Some good me-time moments that I enjoy in a budget friendly way =)

1) Slap on a rejuvenating, brightening, or hydrating mask.
I personally like using the Chamomile brightening mask from Watsons. It's affordable and good, usually comes in a set of five (in a box) or you could get them individually at RM 5.90 each. The chamomile extract smells really fruity and it tightens your face, good firming effect! 

2) Window shopping --meaning no credit cards just cash for the necessities!
 Okay, this can be pretty tough for women especially. Head on to that nearby mall and bring only cash.
One way to control your urge to get that pretty dress, beige coloured bag, black stilettos, or comfy flats is to bring just the right amount you need. What is the right amount? Say if you usually carry with you an average of two hundred bucks then slice it half to--hundred bucks! Works for me (with some self control of course!) and don't forget to try on any clothing that catches your eye =P

3) Reading magazines and books at the bookstore

This is something I picked up not so long ago. I've never really understood how people can sit down for hours at the bookstore when they can buy and read back home comfortably. But one thing I've learned after doing so is that I have all the focus and time in the world to concentrate on that piece of beauty/fashion magazine, travelogue, photography album, and novel that I find myself being drawn deeply into. It's a different form of satisfaction than purchasing it because sometimes I can't even seem to find time to read at home!

4) Movie marathon of your favourite chick flicks, horror films, and comedies!

 Whether it's The Notebook, Shallow Hal, or Titanic..it works all the time. All you need is a glass of hot chocolate (and maybe pillows!) to accompany your movie marathon and you're all set! I'm a sucker for movies like Grease, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and Drag Me To Hell (all three different genres hee!)..
 these movies I can watch over and over again. Or even series like True Blood (gets you hook!).

5) Do-It-Yourself Pedicure/Manicure/Hair Dye
 Who says you can't do all these by yourself..AT HOME! All you need is the right tool! Read more about the step-by-step guide to pedicure and at the same time you can develop a new skill! Hair dyes can be tricky if you don't know which colour or the correct technique. Personally, the "correct technique" doesn't really apply since all this while i just slap on the mixture and tuh-duh I'm always happy with the result. I've tried Liese Bubble Hair colour (Ash Brown) and previously I use Garnier Nutrisse (Macadamia Golden Brown). The only one time I've dyed my hair in a salon was during the Loreal Hair Show, which was a bad experience!

Or sometimes you can also ask a friend over and dye hair together-gether like this:

6) Play, record, sing-a-long to your favourite music

Be it jazz, pop rock, funk, bossanova or soul..music keeps our heart beating! I can't picture life without music. Let me explain what I meant by playing, record and sing-a-long. You can pick up playing a music instrument such as the guitar (I learned a few chords overtime! =P) and play simple chords of your favourite tunes.
 By record I don't mean going to the studio to record. This might sound silly but try listening to your own singing. Record it using simple software like those pre-installed in your laptop i.e. sound recorder. By doing so, you learn how you can improve your singing skills. Even better, sing-a-long doesn't mean going to Redbox (remember, budget friendly la!) but download videos from youtube. Karaoke/Minus one videos on youtube with the lyrics to songs that you like and blast the music! FUN! Little missus and I used to do this back in our early uni days =P

7) Go tanning and swimming at your basement
Getting a little tan won't harm your skin, instead it helps give you a slight golden glow (hides flaws like stretch lines!) and if you happen to live in a condo or own your own pool, take a dip and relax. Swimming is said to be able to help tone and relax your body. Which is true though each time I get out, I feel extremely tired and hungry =P 

This is Karina and Sze Jia back when we used to swim after classes and snap photos too hee! 

8) Take a stroll at the park, walk your dog, or snap pretty pictures

Pretty self explanatory =P 

There's a saying that goes, "If you treat your body well, the body will treat you well".

So do share with me how you pamper yourself, whether it's by eating (sinful!) or something else!
It's always nice to discover new things =)

Wishing a very Selamat Hari Raya Haji to all celebrating!

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