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Rachel Kristen
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Tan is the new black!
Friday, December 3, 2010, 5:20 PM
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I've always fancied being tan (plus my surname is Tan so being tan is cooler =P). Okay, I kid.

But since a few years back when I gained a few pounds and was on the chubbier side, I figured being tan could hide stretch marks and what not. Yeah, I ain't lucky like some skinny asses we see parading in their oh-so-yummy bikinis. (Okay, metaphorically speaking.)

So I tried indoor tanning a few days ago and want to share it with my blog readers.
It's the holiday season, time to be jolly and get tan!

But first, Why should I get TAN?

Because I simply want to become a bronze Goddess!
No matter how hard we try to deny, the world is a judgmental place whether we like it or not. And looking good can make a difference in what you do. That's because people see the outer beauty before they see your inner beauty and what you have to offer. I personally enjoy outdoor tanning and holiday by the beach (just so I can lay down all day and get tan!).

1. Healthier glowing skin

via buzznet.com

See the difference? 
The picture on the right definitely looks way better than the fair or rather pale looking skin on the left.

2. Confidence

Tanning can hide cellulite marks and flaws on your body so you naturally feel more confident about your look. And when you look good, you feel good!
Who doesn't want to look healthy, have glowing skin and be more confident?

Tanning salons are rare in Malaysia so I went to the one in Mid Valley. The beauty consultant shared various machines and services with me (apparently they do waxing too!). 

Indoor tanning.

After my consultation, they told me I needed level one (or a particular tanning bed) to create a base for my skin. To develop stronger base tan in order for my skin to adapt and tan easily.

Do I need to strip completely?

Indoor tanning is pretty convenient because you have a private room all to yourself. So wear a bikini or go completely naked, up to you! I tan in the nude because it can even out your skin tone.

Prior to hopping onto the machine, it is advisable to apply tanning lotion. So as to protect your skin from flaking, itching, or any form of dryness. The lotion that the consultant gave me smelled so good that I wished I could lick it off my skin! =P Okay, off topic a bit. And it came with bronzer too!
Anyway, one session takes about 20 minute max, so before you hop onto the bed, you hit the start button and adjust the timer. 

I was pretty excited because I didn't know how that thing works. Got a little paranoid too (watch too many movies i.e. Final Destination).

You can opt to wear the goggle provided but it may leave a mark on your eye area. Since it was my first time visiting a tanning salon, I may need to visit more often to get a darker tone. My skin gets dark easily but I regain my fairness pretty quickly -___-"


Here's a picture of a tan me that I managed to dig out from older albums:

 This was when I used to go swimming and tanning every week =P miss playing this yellow doinky guitar too. Sigh.


After laying on the tanning bed for a couple of minutes, I felt a little uncomfortable. Mainly because the consultant said, "If you sweat, don't forget to move around otherwise you'll get patches"

Of course I did sweat, especially the back and ass. So I couldn't help but fidget a little within the limited space. Once the lights go off, you're done! Remember to keep skin moisturized and drink plenty of water after the tanning session. 

I was told that the tan would last for about a week and it is advisable to allow 2-3 hours before taking a bath after each session. I'm a huge fan of tanned skin, so can't wait to lay by the beach and tan!  

Still, nothing beats outdoor tanning and the sound of the waves hit the shore =)

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