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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Cruisin our way to Phuket: Part Two
Monday, January 31, 2011, 12:33 AM
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This is probably a little late but just thought I should complete my piece on our first company trip..so here we go, using this free time since I'm on a one week break! (and my laptop is working now!) =)

So back to the cruise, we partied almost every night. By partying, I meant pool side dancing and dancing to old school music at the bar/club on the 11th floor. Not the hard core type but we had fun. On Day two, we dedicated half a day for a company bonding session whereby everyone of us brainstormed for ideas and the best team wins a grand prize.

Alas, the winner was Hui Wen's team with the Bid It idea, great job guys! Later that evening, we spent more me time moments at the poolside and took a dip in the jacuzzi.

With Elisa and Wenny =)

Here's Nick trying to play a prank, to get me out of the pool so they can make fun and snap a photo of me in my bikini T_T

After rounds of swimming and dipping, we finally got up and it was time to get ready for dinner. It was formal night that night so the ladies put on their prettiest gown while the guys, all dressed up in their suits. It's true they say, no man can look bad in suits =P

I'm already missing the cruise just by looking back at the photos. Can't upload all of them but I shall try to squeeze the details in this entry.

Our room was always packed with girls either coming in for make up or to play monopoly deal! And that was how I learned how to play the card version of monopoly, though still a bit confused :D

 Random shot of my roomie, Clara and Elise the intruder hehee I kid!


The guys all looking suave and good.

and the ladies looking all elegant and pretty.

Right after dinner, all of us gathered at the bosses' room. Yes, all 28 of us for the secret santa session. 
About one month ago, we each picked out a nuffie to get a gift for and as our secret santee. And since it was between Singapore and Malaysia, we used the Secret Santa list generator here. Pretty cool, simply need to key in the list of emails and each members will be automatically assigned to a santee.

 Some of us on the couch before the session started with boss Tim =)

and he was the secret santa for none other than the Country Manager of Nom Nom Media Malaysia, Nic Chay!

(spot Nick D admiring the globe behind)

One of the funniest secret santa has got to be Yuenny. She was secret santa for boss Ming and she wasn't sure what to get him. Damn stressed out because everything also got already! =P

Look at her relieved expression hahah!

and my secret santa, on the other hand, was..

Sotongzai! (Robb) who creatively drew this for me. I've got two gold class tickets, who wants to watch movie with me? offer still valid heheh 

I was the secret santa for Xinxian and I figured since she's already Jipaban's number one fan, I shouldn't get her any clothing. Instead, I got her a watch that she can wear her dresses with.

While the gift exchange was going on, as girls of course we had to snap pretty pictures of ourselves :D

With beautiful Clara and Elise <3

If you're wondering what else is there to do on the cruise besides going to the casino, dip in the pool, and party at the club? Well, down at the poolside, they serve super delicious fries til early in the morning and the girls were addicted to them fries!

We took a stroll on the deck almost every night as the atmosphere is extremely romantic at night and not to mention windy too! Check out some funny pictures of the girls:

1) Objective: Take a few plate of fries and head to the top, relax and eat!! But..

it was so windy, we could hardly walk..

what more with fries in our hands.
2) Aim: Protect the fries first!! Making sure the fries don't fly away.

This is super funneh. Spot Michelle protecting Karen's fries! XD super lol!

3) Conclusion: Happy fries eaters!=)
Check out the view of the pool at night:

On day three, we arrived at Phuket as early as 7am. We met on deck 4 before proceeding to take a ferry over to the island.

 The ladies all prepped up!

 On our way to sunny island, my first visit to Phuket =)

Look at our huge ass ship (photo taken when we were on the ferry):

and a big Helloooo PHUKET!!!

The big dog statue we decided to meet at after our shopping and massage: 

 First up was lunch at the very gorgeous and luxury beach resort, Andara Resorts and Villas (website here) recommended by boss Ming.

 The whole layout reminds me a lot of Kudeta in Bali, pretty!

 Michelle, my guardian angel.

We hired two vans that took us to and fro Patong beach. So after lunch, off we went exploring the island and pamper ourselves.

First things first: Massage!!
A group of us preferred a laid back afternoon so we headed to the first decent looking massage centre we see, and bargain our way through for reasonable price! (RM 30 for an hour worth of full body massage.)

 Ask me how our massage experience was and I will say it was funny! Why, because of the company. Seated next to me was Angie who couldn't take people massaging her legs so she opted for half bod massage but somehow, the masseuse stripped her more than she did the rest who took full body, don't ask why! hahah 

On my left was Tim2 so it was a bit awkward for me in case I accidentally flash at him. But I didn't! Phew! After massage, we split into a few groups and me, Angie and Rina went shopping for souvenirs! Rina and Angie, however, more like shopping for magnets hence the picture below.

We walked a few hours just scouting for that "perfect" magnet, which in the end was ok..only.

So we missed the water sports session with the rest of the nuffies who went jet skiing! But still, we got a glimpse of the sunset on Patong beach:

That's our ship see!!

And here comes my favourite photos, taken by our very talented Xinxian =)

Remember the scene in Rapunzel that caught many girls' heart? I'm talking about the part where Rapunzel sees thousands of lighted lanterns in the sky. Ahh how romantic.

So when we stumbled upon someone selling it, immediately some of us bought one each, write kinky notes, light it, and release..hoping to find our knight in shining armour heheheh

And off we went back to the ship for the dinner. On our second last day, we decided to challenge each other in table tennis and rock climbing..and my team lost. But it was fun nonetheless:

 I did some last minute shopping and bought some souvenirs to bring back. Amongst the goodies are a bottle of Jack Daniel chocolates, Bailey's chocolate, anchor shaped bottle opener, and cute deck of cards with pirate designs.

On our last night dining at Romeo and Juliet, the staffs of the Legend of the Seas gave us a surprise performance. It was cute! So cute that Nic Chay was grooving along cutely too! =P

Priceless =P

One of the best parts of the cruise is definitely their unlimited fine dining cuisine and desserts!
So I just gotta leave a last picture of it here:

My first experience on a cruise was far better than expected =) Often I hear stories that only old people and families go on the cruise. Though partly true, I have to say the best part of a trip is definitely still the company you're with, and the nuffies indeed made this very memorable for me.

Thanks guys, for the great memories.

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