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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Cruising our way to Phuket: Part One
Tuesday, January 4, 2011, 10:12 AM
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Tim told us to choose if we wanted Disneyland Hong Kong or the Royal Caribbean cruise and we picked the latter. And I’m so glad we went on the cruise because it was a fantastically awesome company trip. 

The KL nuffies started our journey in the morning, took a 5 hours long bus ride down to sunny island, Singapore. Guess I was the only one all hyped up and awake because the rest were either taking a nap or..in a deep sleep =P Sitting right next to me was, Nick so we shared our playlist while keeping each other entertained.

Arrived at the customs around 2pm and we were extremely late. How late? Boarding time was 2pm so that explains all. What was worse? The bus driver wasn’t sure of his way to the port that he had to hail a cab to ask for directions. Kadavale. 

Oh forgot to mention, amidst the chaos, we managed to come up with a bright idea to prank Boss Ming. But we failed miserably.

Finally met up with the Singaporean nuffies and my roommate, Clara.
On our way in to the Legend of the Seas:

There were a lot of forms and procedures to go through but we embraced it with extreme positive attitude, all so excited to check out the huge ship that nothing could affect us.
It was my first time on a cruise and it was..beautiful. Went without much expectations and I was blown away by the 11 story high cruise ship.

My first view of the ship:

We settled in our rooms and the first thing to do? Take many many photos! Okay, so here’s how Clara and my room looks like.

The rooms were all pretty comfy. Some of us had twin sharing while some had queen sized beds.
We gathered at the deck for safety briefing before meeting at the pool side for our first activity as a group. We played the "2 truths and a lie" game. Basically, each of us had to share 3 things (and amongst the three, one has to be a lie) while the rest would guess which is the lie.

I learned a lot from some of the nuffies. Amongst those who surprised me was Firdy's "I caught, I tortured, and I barbequed a bird" --TRUE STORY o_O Just when I thought his eccentricity level was way lower. Also, Sara's "I attempted to poison someone before".


After the game, we were assigned to become the secret guardian of a certain someone. There were 28 of us so throughout the trip, each guardian angels would have to protect one another by leaving secret notes and what not.

My guardian angel was none other than the sweet, Michelle. Within a day, she left me my first note: 

and more notes soon after. I liked the whole idea of the guardian angel though some of us just slacked our way through. Some, on the other hand, couldn't resist the anticipation.

It was pretty much free and easy, we explored the ship, check out the casinos, bar, lounge and sports area. First things first though was to reenact the "Titanic" pose.

The cruise is such a romantic place. The wind was so strong, our hairs flew like mad people.

We caught the sunset at the head of the ship (don't know what it's called..the head? ahh..)

Apart from staring blankly into the clear blue sea, there was also a rainbow. SO PRETTY!

The ship has a total of 11th floors and two pools (on indoor and another outdoor) with a few jacuzzis so we took a few jacuzzi sessions throughout the five days. Oh-the-pampering.

At night, dinner was served in the Romeo and Juliet dining area.

Free flow of fine dining-licious food. You know what that means? That means we could order two, three or even four sets of main course, desserts and appetizers. Gluttons. But food was awesome.
The menu was different every night so we could try different specialty everyday.

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