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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Buhbye home, and hello 2nd home!
Sunday, February 6, 2011, 5:20 PM
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Just a quick update before I head back to work tomorrow. We had an open house on the 2nd day and lesson number one: Always bring hand lotion wherever you go! My hands are starting to peel because of the washing and drying..and washing. Helped mum in and out the kitchen and entertained guests. At one point we had more than 60 people in our little humble pad.  

Just to give you an idea:

Shoes shoes shoes --we love, don't we?
Initially I wanted to make a slide show but I'm running late to the airport. And I know once I get back, there'll be no time for rest, what more blogging. But I'll try.

 From top left: Picture of "Mama", my babysitter and myself, A view from the front, Guests in our living room =)

We catered from our usual caterer in town but mum decided to cook a few dishes --mixed vegetables, chilli prawns, and she made Achar too! Our supposedly lunch open house lasted for almost 12 hours. 1pm - 1am T_T!!

Then I took some time off yesterday to visit my Kong Kong and Po po from the Chindian side of the family. It's a long story.

So anyway, met all my cousins and nephews, each year they just keep getting bigger and taller! But I stay the same -__-" even boobies also same size wtf.

From left: Ivan, Nigel (sitting), and Sharman --the big baby! hee!

Officially tired of bak kua and titbits but I'm still bringing some delicacies back. It's so plain and empty back in my second home --KL. Gotta run, I've got a plane to catch.

Hope all of you had a great CNY celebration with your loved ones!

Peace ya'll! ;)

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