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Reunion and CNY with mi familia
Thursday, February 3, 2011, 11:54 PM
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We woke up extremely early on new year's eve to get fresh meat and vegetables from the market. It's been at least a year since my last visit to a wet market so I thought, why not, it could be fun! =P

The alarm went off at 5.50am and shopping at the market in town was just..indescribable. 
There are segments in the market for poultry, dried food, etc. and some parts were surprisingly clean, some were just plain smelly -___-" mum even laughed at me because my legs had black patches all over from the wet floor.

Right outside the market was a famous "Chui Kuih" (water cake) stall and this is something grandpa used to like a lot:

The queue was extremely long but we waited because it was so good. I'm planning to save a blog entry just for the food here so you guys can take a look at the good places to eat the next time you make a trip down south!

We started our dinner pretty early that day, just like the previous years. It has always been a family tradition to have dinner first and then the elderly would give us Ang Pows (red packets). But ever since my grandparents left us a few years ago, my family have been traveling each Chinese New Year. So I was pretty excited since it is also our first time celebrating CNY in our new home =)

Steamboat in the making:

Dad never runs out of wine and liquor so a bottle of wine accompanied our home made steamboat.

The dishes picked, table set, and it was perfect.

We were stuffed from dinner and as usual, plenty of leftovers! Also helped mum with the titbits for our guests. We're having an open house tomorrow afternoon so I'm prepped up for a crazy day! One thing I noticed at every party I go, the host will always be left starving simply because they have no appetite, just concentrating on serving guests.
One of my favourite things to do is to try the home baked new year cookies and delicacies at other houses. Dad bought "Bak Kua" while mum took charge of the sweets and what nots. So I helped decorate and fill in the baskets with food for our guests.

As usual on Day One, we would visit friends and relatives. Back then when we were all younger, it used to be early in the morning but we're starting to slack and becoming more laid back. Woke up before noon before heading out for brunch nearby. I made a bet with myself to see if we could visit more than 4 houses today. But did we?

My outfit for today -- Pastel Flower Peplum dress from TeeToo.

Trying the oriental Chinese look hee =P

I never knew how tiring it is greeting, eating, and catching up until today. 

First things first, we visited Mama's place, my babysitter who took care of me back when I was a toddler. I think that was how I grew to like porridge, she fed me super delicious fish porridge every day while I throw my little tantrum waiting for mum and dad to pick me up. I kid. I can hardly remember half of my childhood. I think I've figured out why, it's because I didn't like eating ginkgo up until now (when I found out ginkgo actually helps improve memories--too late!) hence my gold fish memory.

It was so nice meeting my Godparents and family friends whom I've not seen in two years. Earlier I tweeted how people my age start getting questioned the golden question, When Are You Getting Married? When is your turn? Where's your boy/girl friend? They're all the same. And then I realized that many of my followers actually face the same situation. Thanks, I feel less alone now.

One part of me just wants to say, Hey, soon it'll be my turn! but another part of me feels like there's no need for marriage to prove how happy you are. Back when I was younger, it is either a norm or we conform to the idea that one needs to get married by the age so and so. Today, only a handful of people I know actually "practices" this. Notice I used inverted commas.

Which girl doesn't want to meet her knight in shining armour, be showered with roses and tlc, cuddle her other half whether rain or shine, and find that perfect someone whom she can proudly bring home to? I know I do. This is when I can use the popular saying, "It's not about finding The One, it's about making the one The One and finding the one person who comes into your life at the right time". Nah, take it and stop asking already.

Anyway, back to the open house. We visited a few other houses for the consecutive hours up until nineish when we had to rush home because we had visitors at our home. Speaking of home, it's been a year since we shifted here and each time I come home, mum would tell me how our home has become a "holiday" cum "hotel" that I would just come and go. 


Speechless. This is her guilt tripping me by the way. Haha.

Anyway, just thought I'd share our humble new home before I go to bed, definitely not "hotel" like at all =P

and the tour begins now.

Living room with lots of food on the table =P

Dad's mini bar where he keeps his liquor, spot my graduation pic on the left! -__-"

and then we have our little country like kitchen:

Mini chandelier and dining table =)

and then we have my favourite place-- The Toilet =P

Candles for deco and scent --reminds me of how some people like burning too many candles til I start sneezing =P

Alright peeps, heading off to bed before a long day tomorrow.
Have a great holiday everybody!

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