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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
First attempt: Oreo Truffles for beginners
Tuesday, March 8, 2011, 8:38 PM
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Realized the last time I baked was a long time back so I decided to try making truffles.
My last truffles was Boss Tim's truffles so I asked him for the recipe.

Ingredients: Hershey's Chocolate, mini paper cup (according to Pinky), Cream cheese, and lots of Oreo.

Previously, I made the no-bake cheesecake and after making this truffles, I think baking cheesecake was simpler. Why? Let me explain.

First you dump the Oreos into one big bowl.

In my experiment, I used 2 packets of Oreo.

Then start crushing them into tiny pieces (crushing was tough for me because I did it manually- with my hands.)

don't mind me.. hence the Oyster sauce bottle (don't laugh!)

Oreos crushed into bits and pieces.

You want them in powdery form so it's easier when you mix the Cream Cheese in.

The quantity of the truffles depend on the amount of Cream Cheese.
 In my case, I bought a packet and I slightly more than 50 truffles --enough to please all the gluttons :D

Once you're done mixing, it'll then become dough-like.
I didn't take a picture of it because it looked disgusting (but tasted great okay!)

Heat up the pan to melt the chocolate. THIS PART IS SO FUN!

No oil, no sugar, no salt needed. Just the Hershey's chocolate. They ran out of dark chocolate otherwise it'd be my first choice!

Within minutes they start melting and the whole kitchen smells..heavenly =P

So tempted to taste it with my fingers - LIKE NUTELLA!
hmm I should try making Nutella truffles next.

Here comes the hardest part-- Rolling and coating the almost-done truffles.

My first truffle crushed the first time because it wasn't solid enough when I tried dipping into the chocolate. SO....I took two forks to help me with the coating. SMART LEH!

After rolling and coating 30 truffles, I nearly gave up..and I lost the appetite and craving when I finished! How sad is that, but I hear it happens to a lot of people.
Oh well, but it puts a smile on a my face seeing them enjoying the truffles :D

and two hours later...

TUH DUH. My not-so-out-of-shape Oreo and chocolate truffles! *gloats* hehehe

Okay, that sums up my experiment with truffles.


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