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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Sharing session & the Goliath Challenge!
Thursday, March 31, 2011, 10:25 AM
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With help from Xinxian and Michelle, we organized a sharing session a few weeks ago at my favourite place, Frames @ Sunway Pyramid. It's more or less a tradition for Nuffnang to organize sharing session for bloggers and we figured since the last round was a few months back, this was a good chance for all them who are keen to join us to meet one another.

The guest bloggers for that night were Audrey, Cindy, and Cheesie (all the lengluis!) and so happen, Singapore's chioest blogger, Xiaxue was in town too! We got to meet her in person apart from tasting the awesome delicacies and fine food at Frames.

We started off with an introduction through the "magic wand" game. Everyone was supposed to share "If I had a magic wand..I..." that sort of thing. Some wished to teleport, while I wanted CPM (chilli pan mee) anytime of the day and own a room full of shoes from Charles and Keith *giggles*

It was Xiaxue's turn to introduce herself (though no introduction was needed!) bloggers snapping pictures of her.

Xiaxue and I

We then introduced the owners of Frames - THE BMX (Bryan, Mark and Xanthus)

This is Mark sharing the story of how Frames came about.

The first thing you'd notice when you enter is the countless photographs and frames on wall, and on the side of each table. All taken by people they've met and photographers who want to share their work with us photo lovers. You can also opt to buy them if you see something you like.

Some time ago, the guys and I were just lepaking in the cafe and we stumbled upon this:

 Noticed anything yet?


 and all of them thought it was me! Even Shaz. -__-"

 It isn't me I swear! I wouldn't hang a picture of me at the cafe hehee though I'd shamelessly be happy if someone actually bought it thinking it's me =P *perasan*

Okay let's move on. So anyway, they served a few great dishes, I love the food at Frames! (even better than some 5 star hotel food)

 Appetizer: Bacon roll, Baked mussels, and some greens.

We were all seated in groups of four and we shared a few mains:

Salmon and grilled chicken (my favourite dish of the night!)

Closer shot of the salmon :)

Lamb and tuna <3

Nuffies camwhoring with the super big frames :D (from left: Michelle, me, Tim, and Fresh)


Just thought I'd share that the Goliath Challenge starts this SUNDAY!
What is a Goliath Challenge??

If you love BURGERS (and I mean good quality burgers!) then challenge yourself at Frames starting this Sunday!

Objective: Finish the Goliath Challenge within 30minutes and it's on the house!
To make things a little more interesting, bring your supporter and he/she will get 50% off IF YOU WIN! NOW THAT'S PRETTY EASY!

And if you fail, what happens? *sulks*
Then you just need to pay for your meal, simply as that! :D

Are you ready to challenge yourself? Guys and girls, I have personally seen it for myself, and it's DOABLE.

How do you take part?

Call for reservation, tell them I WANT TO GODDAMN TRY THE GOLIATH (I kid).
Just hop in on either Tuesday OR Sunday.
Call 03 - 5631 9989 to book your slot.

 Let me know if you're taking part, I might just drop by and show you some loving support keke.
Oh, may I add that the person who can finish the Goliath within 30 minutes and in the shortest time will walk away with RM 500 worth of cash prizes! 3 weeks only!

*Glutton mode on*

All the best! Try or not, your call! :D

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