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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Bruno Mars LIVE in KL!
Monday, April 18, 2011, 6:46 PM
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So we got our tickets a month before the concert. Barely even one week, I heard the tickets were all SOLD OUT!

ROCK ZONE @ RM 259/-

About two weeks before, Shaz decided he didn't want to watch Bruno Mars so I had to look for a buyer. Ezzie told me since demand way higher than supply, shouldn't be a problem "Heck, can even make money out of that one ticket" (coming from a typical business student).

So I posted it up on Mudah.my, tweeted and Facebook-ed. A couple of people called asking if they could get the ticket. Somehow, I couldn't give it up to any stranger though they offered as high as RM550 - 600 bucks per ticket. Yes yes..I know.. silly me.

 Instead, I gave it to Minni for the original price, knowing she's a big fan! So off we went:

She picked me up in the evening and we were earlier than a lot of them fans. Got myself a limited edition t-shirt too!

No, I wasn't gonna spend the extra time memorizing his lyrics because I had them all in my head! 

7:00 p.m. PWTC Level 4

The venue was comfy, not big but not small either. It wouldn't been perfect if he sang acoustic versions of his hit songs- a so called intimate session. 

So we waited patiently as the hall started to fill.. with them young kids =P Okay, but seriously, they audience were mostly couples and high school/college kids. I heard a man proposed when Bruno Mars sang, "Marry You".

Mizz Nina opened for the Doowops and Hooligans show. Hmm I wonder why, because her genre flows more to hip-hop cum R&B. While BrunoMars more towards pop/funk/soul.

His songs may be cheesy, but you have to give it to him, his songs top charts! And they get stuck in your head, plus you remember them (even if you don't like him). *rolls eyes*


First song of the night: "The Other Side"

It's probably because he has got tons of experience performing in shows and bars, he knew exactly how to get the crowd pumping! And my oh my, he's got such excellent voice, soulful and energetic!

and he played drums at the opening as well as a few guitar solos in between..

Here's my favourite part of the show- The Lazy Song (you have to watch it if you like the song, pretty darn funny!):

(click PLAY!)

Still, my favourite song of the night has gotta be his rendition of Nothin' On You:

I tweeted throughout the concert until my batt died! So it's a pity I didn't get a private recording of the song. But thanks to Junk! They wrote an article (yay! my tweets were quoted in them :D)

He sang "Runaway" for his encore. Though I wished he would've performed "Talking to the moon" :(
Of course I was a little disappointed since he did two versions of that song, I expected a live piano acoustic version or something..sigh.

But all in all, I wouldn't have missed such a great show! The sexy James Brown moves, soulful and talented voice.. I'm so glad we were part of the lucky crowd to catch Bruno live in Malaysia.

Cheers ;)

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