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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Erica's 21st Birthday
Thursday, April 14, 2011, 8:41 PM
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Short update for you to feast your eyes on some lovely photos thanks to Cherlene <3

While everyone else was at the glamorous Johnnie Walker party, I spent some quality time with my babes, whom I've not seen in ages! We celebrated miss Erica's 21st birthday! 
(shit, feel so old right now..)

Happy Birthday, miss Gorgeouslicious ;)

Been a super long while since I've dolled up properly (by properly..I mean..getting the whole DG Color mojo back =P)

Don't know why I look wasted here -__-

Met the Loh brothers at the party held in Gaja, Bangsar. It's a pretty nice chill out place, their dishes were decent too.

Super cute Loh brothers: Martial and..er.. Loh =P

With my ladies, Cherlene and Abby (who is constantly complaining about how I don't remember things, thanks to my gold fish memory..sorry babe! I promise I'll remember now thanks to your twitter reminder =)

heheheheh =P

Lookit her really unique birthday cake!

The Eiffel tower and little alphabets carrying her name <3

Right after the party, we headed to Redbox since we're all closet singers =P Still, had a great time that night catching up every single one of them. Also realized that I have to brush up my Japanese for Super GT in May/June because they decided to tell me then so I cannot back out :X

Till then, will update on my weekend getaway soon.


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