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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Weekend retreat @ Philea Resort & Spa
Thursday, April 28, 2011, 1:17 AM
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So you've got a weekend to spare, thinking of a place to go?

A few weekends ago we visited Philea Resort and Spa, located right after the Ayer Keroh toll, Melaka. The first thing you would notice is the wooden setting of the resort. Malaysia's first and largest log resort has a stunning design, surrounded by plants and not forgetting a breathtaking man-made waterfall. 

So nature like, we could not have chosen a better place to celebrate earth hour that night.

We were welcomed with drinks and cold towels before heading to our rooms. Excited, we sat in the buggy ride that took us on a tour around the resort. 

 My partner-in-crime that day, Jayne.

Oh, and I took a mini video too, here check it out:

When I first saw the pool, my jaw dropped-- mouth wide open!


We couldn't wait to check out the rooms. They come in different types and sizes, and here's how the Philea suite looks like:

Esther and I went googoogaga over the standalone bath tub. Why? You'll understand in a bit.

The first thing that came to mind was the bathtub scene in American Beauty.

No kidding. 

The ladies were salivating over the built of the bathtub literally! =P Don't believe me? 

See for yourself:

 Pretty or not?

Everyone's favourite bathtub.

Every room comes with a flat screen LCD television.

The whole suite filled with comfy wooden interior, and I love this unique notice.

 Here's how my room looks like. The Pavilion room:

Twin beds, LCD television, cosy interior, and my favourite-- BIG PILLOWS! :D

Paintings on the wall

Settling down in our Pavilion room

Guess what this is?

The doors to our toilet.Tuh duh!

Each Pavilion room comes with an individual veranda (lower floor):

The front view:

First things first, familiarize ourselves with the resort. 
We headed for lunch after checking in. Our Hi-Tea buffet at Nusantara:

 I have a soft spot for tanning and laying by the beach. So how can I resist going to the pool!! 

While the rest went around snapping pretty pictures, I took a dip :D

 Photos thanks to Ah Bok (Read Taufulou.com)

After a 40 minutes dip, it was time for more pampering! 

Checked myself in at Tanjung Wellness Spa for their signature Tanjung Treatment (90 minutes of aromatherapy massage and body scrub) *heavenly*

I had my own private room (supposedly for two) with jacuzzi tub and shower.

I couldn't take too many photos since I was naked half the time but here's one before:

 and one after:

 See the difference? Glowwwing =P

Okay, I cheated. This was taken before we headed for our fabulous Seafood Buffet dinner.

Anyway, Tanjung Wellness is also available at the Grand Dorsett in Subang and Palace of the Golden Horses (Mines Resort City). You can check them out here.

We celebrated earth hour during dinner with all the romantic candlelights:

From top left: Mei Yee and Lionel drawing to celebrate earth hour, candlelight table setting, dishes, my dinner <3

When it was light ON, it was also time to...

 Take 1
Take 2
Photos taken by Ken Chan from Foodpoi.com

After dinner, the rest went for karaoke! (what's better than singing your lungs out after a good day of pampering!) :D

Soon after dinner, I received a call saying that my colleagues are at the lobby. What a pleasant surprise since it was already pretty late at night. Karen, Tim2, Nick, and Fresh! OMFG! It was the most random thing ever, and I thought I was random. Heh. Though it was only for a few hours, we spent talking the night away by the gorgeous poolside.

Wind blowing, lights blinking, colours changing, and water flowing.

We woke up early for breakfast at Nusantara before taking a stroll.

 Some of us visited the nearby butterfly and reptile farm but I decided to savour my time at the resort, admiring the smell of nature and enjoy the sun shining on my skin.

It was a perfect weekend getaway, short but sweet. Just what I was looking for after a hectic and busy week. Room rates starts from:

RM 780.00 for the Pavilion Room
RM 1,180.00 for Philea Suite (bath tub!!)
RM 4,300.00 for the Royal Villa --you gotta see this!

Here's how the Royal Villa at Philea looks like (apparently Shah Rukh Khan and Dr. M stayed there before):

As its name suggests, the Royal Villa resembles the house of a king- elegant and exclusive. You will be given royal treatment, imagine having food served to you, dining in the villa, having your own entertainment as well as this..

Your own private pool with sun beds!!

Reminds me the villas they have in Bali but then again, there's no need to go so far when we can drive a hundred of kilometers to a heavenly resort like this *melts*

For reservations and enquiries, call 03 2141 8966 or drop them an email at resv@phileahotel.com

Check out Philea Resort and Spa, Ayer Keroh for more information.


Rachel :) 

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